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"Cart-Tek GR-1000-Remote Control Cart After years of study and testing, Cart-Tek is introducing it's first REMOTE CONTROL model in the GR-1000-R. Adding RC to powerful rear hub drive motors results in the optimal golf experience. The GR-1000-R uses dual 200 Watt hub drive motors with enough power to handle any golf course. The dual 12 Volt SLA battery pack will last 27 - 36 holes depending on your golf course. We recommend that any cart battery be charged following every round of golf, as this will maximize your battery performance over the years. The lightweight remote allows you to start in any direction, forward, reverse, left turn or right turn, thus maximizing the carts performance. Enjoy all of our other electronic innovations like smart start, cruise control, descent control and low voltage protection for your batteries. Be the first at your course to own the new GR-1000-R. Always sold with a One Year Warranty covering the entire cart, batteries and remote control unit.    Features   • Remote Control Functions- Forward, reverse, stop ( Brake ), left turn, right turn, increase and decrease speed  • Mode Control- Toggle between Remote and Manual control  • Dual - 200 Watt Brushless hub drive motor - Rear Wheel design - Power to Climb 15 - 20 degree slope effortlessly  • Dual 12 Volt SLA Batteries rated at 12,000 Ah - Enough power for 36 holes of golf - depending on course conditions  • Folding Frame design for easy storage and transpor t- Two quick steps reduce yourGR-1000-R for easy handling  • Smart Start safety feature - Cart must be pushed forward to engage motor  • Speed Control -Cart maintains speed even on uphill or downhill grade. On extreme downhill, dial speed to minimum to engage.  • Electronic Brake- When engaged, cart drive wheel can not be engaged accidentally  • No Maintenance Wheels - Rubberized drive wheel for maximum performance  Specifications   • Frame- High quality 6061 Aluminum chassis maximizes strength, minimizes weight  • Motors 200 Watt, Brushless Hub-Drive Motor - Rear Wheel design  • Batteries - Dual 12 Volt SLA Batteries - 12,000 Ah design  • Range - Up to 36 holes depending on condition of golf course.  • Wheel Diameter Front: 11 1/4" , 6" rear drive wheel - all wheels Maintenance free  • Dimensions -23"W x 36"H x 44"L  • Dimensions Folded - 18"W x 8"H x 33"L  • Weight Chassis 30 pounds plus Battery pack 19 - Total 49 pounds  • D-Handle -Variable speed, Power and Electronic Brake functions easily accessed on handle"
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Good Performance, Good Value
By Peter DeGroot from Ashland, OR US on 06/28/2009
Overall, I'd give this cart 4 out of 5 stars. It has some flaws but it is a good value, functions well for the intended purpose, and I'd recommend it to friends. I was also pleased with the purchasing experience at In-The-Hole Golf. Details follow.


Battery capacity - does 27 holes easily on a very hilly course. Replacement batteries are easy to find locally.

Hill climbing ability. Easily goes up very steep slopes.

Compact - Folds/disassembles quickly and easily. Fits in the miniscule trunk of my Mustang convertible and still leaves room for bag, shoes, jackets and other golf accessories, and even a couple of grocery bags if I need to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Previously, half this stuff was in the back seat.

Quick and easy to set up for use - the flip side of above.

Overall quality. Well-designed, well-made of good quality materials.


Overall performance as a walk-behind cart. Wide range of speed adjustment. Well-balanced and good weight distribution: doesn't tend to tip to front, back or sideways on uneven terrain. Steers easily once you get used to the peculiarities of rear wheel steering. (For example, on a side hill. it will tend to drift UPHILL rather than downhill and turning while pulling it backwards is completely counterintuitive.)

The bag-holding straps are long enough and strong enough for the biggest bags and are quick and easy to secure with Velcro closures.

The controls are well-positioned and easy to use. I especially like the separate on/off and speed control switches so you can leave the speed set to your normal walking pace.

The "soft start", where you have to push it a little to get it going is nice. It avoids the problem of it suddenly taking off if you accidentally hit the mode or on/off switch.

Value: the cost is moderate for the performance and quality. You can buy a cheaper cart on e-bay: I have. I spent more time fixing it than using it, and parts and warranty service were mostly non-existent.


The cruise control, which is supposed to keep a constant speed regardless of terrain, functions reasonably well on small undulations, uphill, and when going from fairway to rough, but is completely ineffective downhill.


The relatively small diameter drive wheels tend to slip and spin in wet grass, especially uphill or when turning. It is a problem mostly in remote control mode.

The electronic brake does not hold on even moderate slopes. You have to remember to park the cart sideways on hills.

Overall performance in remote control mode is marginal:
-The cart tends to be deflected by even small undulations, so remote steering on anything but a very level fairway requires constant attention.
-The range of the remote control is only about 25 yards. This makes it difficult to send the cart ahead to the next tee, for instance. (Yes, I did put a new battery in the remote. These size 23AE 12V batteries are hard to find except on-line, by the way.)
-When operated remotely the cart is supposed to stop automatically in 15 seconds if no remote button is pressed, or it is out of range. In actuality, it stops in only a few seconds if going uphill, and can go nearly thirty seconds downhill. This, coupled with the ineffective downhill cruise control and feeble electronic brake can get you into a runaway situation. Walk-behind operation downhill is recommended.

Lacks scorecard, umbrella or beverage holders. Not even available as accessories at extra cost.


If you are operating in an area with lots of wet grass clippings they tend to pack up in the small gap between the drive wheels and the top of the fork that holds the axel and jam the wheels. The owners manual strongly warns that stalling the wheels can ruin the in-hub motors. Therefore you need to be able to turn off the power quickly. For this reason I don't recommend remote control operation in areas with wet grass clippings. This problem could easily have been avoided by better design. There is only about a 1/4 inch gap between the wheel and the top of the fork. It would have been easy to design it with more clearance.
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Jury's in, and it's good news
By Gary Morris from Radcliff, KY US on 05/26/2009
A slight delay in receiving the new cart (less than a week, he had to wait on a shipment from the manufacturer) but it arrived with a pre-paid UPS shipping label and everything is fine. This has got to be the finest customer service I've ever received from any company. Dick Northrop is the man, can't say enough about him and his organization. Above and beyond the call of duty, late night/weekend phonecalls/emails at my convenience seemed to be of no concern for this business. The only thing that could make this a better cart is a drink holder and a scorecard holder, and Dick says they're working on that. I was initially leery about an online purchase of this magnitude but can't say enough good things about this transaction. Good stuff, once again I'm more than pleased with a purchase from this organization...
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Jury's not in yet
By Gary Morris from Radcliff, KY US on 05/10/2009
Purchased the GR-1000 and used it 3 times, once for 36 holes on my relatively flat home course and loved it. I'm 6'5", walk fast, and could not keep up with it. The remote controls aren't quite Ferrari-like but are perfectly acceptable. The manual is a little bit off as it is for three models, but easily figured out. It could use a beverage holder and a scorecard holder but have spoken to the manufacturer and they are working on those; now as to why I've spoken to the manufacturer. It quit working on the third round. I had to push it the rest of the round, and at 49 pounds it's a little bit more of a chore than advertised. Good news is that the manufacturer is VERY responsive. I left a message after hours and they called me back on a Saturday evening and are bending over backwards to assist me. He posted a video on Youtube to assist me, talked me through taking a multimeter to it, emailed me pictures (as I'm not quite a electrical engineer), and was generally great. Status as of now is I'm waiting for a new cart (as we've decided there is a short in a wire in the frame somewhere) and am assured that a prepaid mailing label will accompany the new cart to mail the old one back. He is even throwing in the above-mentioned beverage holder to make amends for the failure of the cart. If every thing occurs as promised I will be very happy. If not, rest assured I will post another review updating the situation...
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Customer service does still exist !
By Derek Manning from St Ives, Australia AU on 01/22/2009
I am not much for this type of REVIEW thing but my experience may assist some of you with your purchase.

This is my 2nd ever online purchase & because I live in Australia the shipping was almost the same as the cost of the cart ( or buggy as we call them down here,..) so it was with great trepidation I pressed that "confirm" to pay button.

But let me tell you, if all online stores have the service I got from "in the hole" the horror stories would dry up quickly.

In Australia, our selection of electric buggies is pathetic so I had researched this thing in depth before buying it,.. OR SO I THOUGHT, so I was not happy when what I took from the carton was not exactly what I expected.

Most web sites call this buggy a "Superbug" . In the box was a USERS MANUAL for a Superbug but with Cart-Tex stickers over the word Superbug.? ! ? !
No problem I thought but online I had read of the hill climb / decent capabilities of this buggy,.. which are essential my course,.. & green on/off buttons on the D handle to engage these functions.

My buggy did not have green switches & did not operate as described in the Users manual.

I could not get the remote to work at all.

So I got on the email back to "in the hole" .

What followed is a long story but , as I mentioned above the service / assistance / support / explanation, I got from "In the hole' was exemplary.

It turns out I have the latest model of this buggy.
There were slight changes to what I had so diligently researched online.
This was complicated further by the fact that ONE page of info explaining this AND THE CHANGES IN THE USERS MANUAL, was not in the box when I got it.
That one page would had avoided all my problems,... I now suspect our local CUSTOMS office may have left it out during inspection.

"In the hole" emailed back & forth , very patient with a " not too happy" customer that they quite easily could have ignored..( Australia doesn't have the capability to invade too many countries..) and once I got my hands on the missing one page , the CART WORKED PERFECTLY.

That's the service,.. the buggy is surprisingly strong & well built. My home course is VERY hilly & rough where I usually end up hitting the ball to,.. and this thing handles it with ease. The remote takes a little getting used to , but toggling between manual & remote could not be easier.

To have the motors IN the two drive wheels is brilliant.

I have played 36 holes in a day & the battery still seemed to be fine.

I was surprised by the attention / adoration it gets at each course I play... I think it is its simple design & function.

The only things I wish it had would be,.a card / ball holder on the handle & although the motor lock is good it would be "comforting" to have a hand brake of some type for those very steep spots I keep slicing into.

I would highly recommend "In the hole" & this buggy .
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By Derek Manning from St Ives, Australia AU on 01/10/2009
The Cart -Tek GR-1000-R cart is beautifully built, very sturdy & excellent if all you need is a flat course basic electric cart, ( ie NO remote function, NO decent control ).


I had surfed around & comparing prices on THIS cart .

However BEWARE... although the "in the hole' cart looks exactly like a CHEAPER cart called a "Superbug" on other companies web pages............ IT IS NOT..!

It is just a guess but what I got from "In the Hole" seems to be an OLDER or SIMPLER model.
My cart, which comes with a users manual with a "Cart-tek" sticker stuck over the name "Superbug" on the cover & is refered to as "Superbug" thru out the manual does not have
Decent Control
( & the remote does not seem to want to engage).

My cart does not have green on/off switches on either end of the D handle as described in the users manual I HAVE !

Make sure the cart you get has two green on/off switches.

It saddens me that in this day & age this still happens & I have to give such a review but it is the truth.
I live in Australia & the shipping costs almost equals the cart cost ($400US) & the only solution "in the hole" could offer was I return it for a refund , so another $400 to return it = $800 & still not cart !
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