SwingPro Golf Trainer

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SwingPro Golf Trainer

The ORIGINAL dual weighted golf swing training aid. With interchangable weights, convenient 'train anywhere' length, and Lamkin Training Grip, SwingPRO will help you build golf specific muscles, improve your balance, increase flexibility, and strenghten your grip - helping you become a better golfer

SwingPRO features short length, dual weighted technology, interchangable weights, and a Lamkin™ Training Grip. Using the SwingPRO will:

  • Improve your club head speed and control
  • Improve shoulder turn and follow through
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Promote better hand release
  • Establish a proper golf grip
  • Strength golf specific muscles
  • Lead to greater distance and accuracy
  • Provide cardiovascular conditioning


Short Length

Swing anywhere with the SwingPRO. At 22 inches, the SwingPRO can be swung nearly anywhere. Equally at home on the golf course or in your office, you can no longer use working late as a reason to not work out. The "swing anywhere" length recently proved beneficial to 2001 USGA Senior Open Champion and Champion's Tour player, Bruce Fleisher, while taking a cruise. Bruce was able to fit his SwingPRO in his luggage and swing the SwingPRO in his cabin. On returning to competition, he did not experience the typical loss of form from vacationing.


Dual Weighted Technology

Bryan Haas, one of Titleist's top 3 Master Fitters, cites balance as one of the crucial elements of a quality golf swing. Most weighted swing trainers place an unbalanced weight too far away from the golfer resulting in an unbalanced swing while training. How can practicing bad habits relate to a good golf swing you ask? Simply, it can't. SwingPRO utilizes counter-balanced weights. Putting the weight closer to the golfer allows a full swing with out throwing off the balance. It's like having an instructor with you at all times. Retain a balanced swing. Improve your game. It's that simple.


Interchangable Weights

Early in the season, a 5 pound weight might be best. Later in the year 7 or 9 pound weights allow you to build on your muscular foundation. Several users in the same family with different strengths? With most swing trainers, this requires purchasing several training devices. Not, however, with SwingPRO. Interchangable weights allow the same SwingPRO be used through out the season, and with different users.

hand gripping

Lamkin Training Grip

Lamkin make some of the finest golf grips available, and the industry standard golf training grip putting your hands in the classic grip position. Going to great lengths to provide golfers with the best product for enhancing the game, providing the best training grip was and obvious addition to the SwingPRO. Ensure you are practicing effectively, practice with the best grip.



Bruce Fleisher
"After my success at the PGA Championship, I was afraid I would not be able to continue at that level because I was scheduled to go on an Alaskan cruise the following week. Thank goodness that I met Jon Weston in Des Moines, who introduced me to the Swing Pro! Because of the fact that I couldn't bring my clubs, I decided to throw the Swing Pro into my suitcase, and was I ever glad that I did. I firmly believe that it saved me for those 2 weeks!! Swinging it just 5 minutes a day, I feel like it not only strengthened my golfing muscles, but also put me in the correct position and promoted muscle memory! In addition to strengthening, I also felt a great stretch. It is truly a remarkable tool for consistent golf!!"
Bryan Haas
Brian Haas
Over the past seventeen years teaching golf, I have continually developed techniques that have helped each of my students create a repetitive golf swing for their individual ability levels. It is my focus with each student to help them understand their swing and how their swing can work for them in a very uncomplicated manner. This enables the student to understand why their ball moves in a particular pattern and allows them the opportunity to create a repeating swing. Through practice and proper coaching, each student can and will make significant improvements in their golf game.
Hale Irwin
Champion Tour Player, 20 time Winner PGA Tour, 45 time Winner Champion Tour
The SwingPRO can improve club head control, encourages proper grip, improve follow-through, promotes strength that can lead to better distance, improve shoulder turn, promote better hand release, improve balance, and can promote better accuracy
Gino Composto
PGA Teaching Professional
It is so important to warm up and stretch before you play. SwingPRO not only allows you to trigger your golf muscles, it also helps you with your rhythm and tempo. Two important factors you need to play good golf. As a teachiong professional I can't begin to tell you what a great teaching aid swingpro is. It allows your students to warm up prior to their lessons, great for juniors, women, and beginners of all ages. It's great for practicing indoors and keeping your rhythm and tempo when you're not playing golf.
Zach Johnson
PGA Tour Player, 2007 Masters Champion
The benefits of the SwingPRO are numerous and wide-ranging, but for me personally, I utilize the product during my pre-round warm up. It allows me to be very golf-specific in my movements due to the integration of my hand placement on the club, which gets me ready for my round.
Bob Vanscoy
PGA Professional, Iowa Section of PGA
My SwingPRO is the best training aid I've ever used. It helps me with all facets of my game...from the grip, posture, staying on plane, backswing, creating lag, release, folow-thru and balance. Bottom line, any golfer who wants to improve their game needs a SwingPRO!
Scott R. Howe
PGA Professional, Director of Golf, Des Moines Golf & Country Club
After using the SwingPro this spring I was immediately impressed with how quickly it got my golf muscles in shape after my winter lay off. I was quickly able to reestablish my balance and the proper swing sequence of both the back and downswing. In short I felt like I was ready for the golf course sooner than if I had followed my normal routines or used other weighted swing trainers. Additionally I have used SwingPRO with a number of my students and seen the progress and development with their games. The benefits I have observed are better hand and arm motion, improved balance and added strength. Try the SwingPro, I am confident your golf swing will feel the improvements this weighted swing trainer can provide.
Golf Digest
Golf-oriented publication
One of the Top 10 training devices
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