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The Golfers Toolbox

The Golfers Toolbox is the only all-in-one golf training aid. It guides you through proper setup, ball position, stance, swing plane, putting and chipping plane, weighted club speed training, club protection, and stretching. Everything fits perfectly into the Golfers Toolbox, making it the one complete package every golfer should carry in their golf bag. An instructional DVD is included with the Golfer's Toolbox.

25 Different Uses


Back when Brian Benedictson started playing the Canadian Tour in 2007, he'd travel with an arsenal of training aids, different ones for full swing, putting, and fitness workouts. Weighed down with his many tools, Benedictson—who has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management—put his mind to the problem and found a way to combine all the devices in one product.

And so the Swinkey was born. The Swinkey is an all-in-one training tool designed to monitor and improve the fundamental skills of golf. It works in conjunction with any swing philosophy, providing a wide range of useful applications that will help you improve your game.

Now referred to as the "Golfer Toolbox" or "Swiss Army Knife of golf" the Swinkey is an Aluminum tube that stores two fiberglass and two stainless-steel spikes inside. It has a golf grip on either end with a laminated vinyl decal and 8 holes drilled in the tube that work in conjunction with the rods and spikes to form various configurations and can be used either indoors or outdoors to work on putting, tempo, fitness, alignment, ball position, swing plane, putting plane, a camera can be mounted on top, and it is long enough to protect your clubs in travel.

It's a system for working on set-up from forming a "T" on the ground to establish ball position to using the spikes to check swing plane and alignment. Insert the spikes into the side of the tube and stick the whole thing in the ground and it becomes a putting stroke trainer that keeps the shaft on plane for any putting style or set up; yes a putting trainer that scientifically works for any putting stroke.

The Swinkey has a golf grip at either end allowing it to work as a stretching aid; some 40 stretching and strength-training exercises are on the company website and blog. It also works as a weighted swing trainer where the weight can be changed by removing the spikes and or rods from inside the Swinkey tube. Leave the spikes and rods in the tube for max weight and remove to lighten.

At 48 inches long (2-3 inches longer than a driver) placing the Swinkey inside your golf bag helps protect the clubs (especially the driver) from damage when traveling.

But that's not all: There's a camera mount at one end so it can function as a monopod for helping take swing sequences or shooting foursome photos. An elastic string is included for use to help with eye alignment, and green reading when practicing putting. It also has functionality built in for indoor putting and swing practice.

The Swinkey is the all in one "Golfer's Toolbox" that will help the golfer with alignment, ball position, stance, swing plane, putting plane, fitness, stretching, video work, balance, club protection, and tempo. Innovate, solves a problem, fits in the bag, and will help the user with all parts of their game.

What Is The Golfer’s Toolbox?

The "Golfer's Toolbox" is an all in one training device that will help golfers of all skill level with alignment, ball position, stance, swing plane, putting plane, fitness, stretching, video work, balance, club protection, and tempo. It is an Innovate, problem solving device that fits easily in the bag. It will help the golfers with all parts of their game. Essentially it combines the functions of the best training tools into one simply and easy to Training Toolbox.

Is The Golfer’s Toolbox Even A Training Aid?

The Golfer’s Toolbox is absolutely a training aid! The Toolbox includes functionality to work on alignment, ball position, stance, stretching, plane, putting stroke, protects the clubs and you can even mount a camera on top to video your swing to take memorable shots of your group while on the course. So it is different than most aids in that it is not only focused on one specific part of the game like putting stroke, or plane, or fitness. The Toolbox is a tool that will help the golfer all the way through their bag.

Who Invented The Golfer’s Toolbox?

Canadian Tour Professional Brian Benedictson invented the Toolbox to solve his practice and training problems. He had a multitude of training aids that he used for fitness and stretching, a weighted swing club, a setup and alignment aid, a putting stroke trainer and a driver protector for traveling between tournaments. The Toolbox does all of these things AND fits easily in your golf bag.

Can A Toolbox Help Me With My Putting?

Two important aspects of good putting are the setup and the stroke. The Toolbox will help you with your alignment, ball position, stance, and posture to put you into a solid starting position. The Toolbox is a putting stroke trainer that will help you make a stroke that is “on plane” and create a natural rhythmic repeatable stroke. The Toolbox works off of the shaft of the putter, not the putter head, which is why it works for any style of putting. To have a proper on plane putting stroke you need to guide the shaft not the putter head as everyone has different lie angles with their putter head. Getting the proper amount of arc in the stroke using a training aid that guides the head means you have to have the exact lie angle to match the training aid. With the Golfers Toolbox and the fact that you are guiding the shaft not the head means it will work for any line angle of the putter. This is a huge difference and what sets it apart from products like the Putting Arc and others in the genre. The Toolbox will teach you about plane and how it will improve your stroke. It teaches an on-plane rotational stroke where the putter head comes inside the target line as it moves during the backstroke, and remains square to the plane back through impact and then releases on the follow through. This creates a good inside to square to inside path. If you have a very upright putting stroke the inside to square to inside path will be a lot less defined but it will still be there unless you are putting at a 90 degree angle.

What Is The Toolbox Made Of?

The Toolbox consists of Aluminum tube that stores two fiberglass and two stainless-steel spikes inside. It has a golf grip on either to create symmetry when using it for stretching. Strecthing with a drive can put a lot of stress on often times very expenseive shafts which is not good for your club and can even break the shaft over time. The laminated vinyl decal (which can be customized for specific corporate logos or country clubs) and the 8 holes strategically drilled in the tube work in conjunction with the rods and spikes to form various configurations and can be used either indoors or outdoors to work on putting, tempo, fitness, alignment, ball position, swing plane, putting plane. A camera can be mounted on top through the use of a cleverly embedded set screw that can easily be screwed out using one of the steal spikes. At 48” the Golfers Toolbox is also long enough to protect your clubs in travel so you don’t have to worry about showing up on a golf outing with a broken driver! Just buying a club protector to do just this can run you as much as $60 so why not get a product that protects your clubs and offers you a wide array of very useful swing aids.

Can I Keep It In My Bag During Tournaments?

Yes. The Toolbox is not a club and therefore it is OK to have in your bag during tournament play. You are allowed to stretch with it, similar to a fitness bar, but you CANNOT swing it. Please refer to the tournament Rules Officials for clarification.

Why Should I Buy A Toolbox Over Other ‘Training Aids’ On The Market?

The Toolbox combines the function of several other devices on the market into one clean and simple unit that stays in your bag at all times. The versatility you get with the Toolbox makes it a product that you will use often and will provide significant improvement in your game. And we guarantee it with a 30 day money back guarantee. When compared to other products on the market it is obvious the Toolbox is a step above the rest.

What Are All The Uses For The Golfers Toolbox?

Please visit the home page of the website to see the video library of the man uses for the Golfers Toolbox. It also comes with a 40 minute DVD and a helpful instructional book to help explain all the various ways the Golfers Toolbox can be used to improve your game. We are 100% committed to making sure you get the most out of your Golfers toolbox,

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A great gift
By jadoe from Montana on 04/08/2013
Pros: Great alignment tool
Cons: Weight
Recommended: Yes
My husband used this on the range and then we went out to play, he said it helped him line up more accurately on his shots. He really liked it and I can't wait to try it for my chipping and putting.
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