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Harrison Shotmaker with Installation Kit

The Shotmaker is the first USGA and R&A rules conforming accuracy boosting golf shaft insert of its kind. It is a removable insert that is made withUltra-Thin-Ply Graphite(UTP). The most vulnerable section of a golf shaft is its tip section. Upon impacting golf ball, the shaft and particularly the tip section vibrates violently. Golf shafts will bend into a S shape around the kick point. The Shotmaker insert significantly stablizes the tip section of the golf shaftas to improve itsaccuracy. The insert dampens impact vibration, reduce or eliminates shaft deformation as to improve accuracy up to 40%. The Shotmaker is 12" long and weighs only 4 grams. There are three models to choose from: Shotmaker 83, 17 and 18.

Shotmaker Selection Rule of Thumb:

.335” tip shafts:Start with Shotmaker 83. If the insert tip is loose and rattles, then try Shotmaker 17.
.350” tip shafts:Examine the diameter around the logo. If the diameter is noticeably larger than other shafts, try Shotmaker 18. If not, try Shotmaker 17.

Shotmaker Insert (SI)

The most vulnerable section of a golf shaft is its tip setion. When stabilized, shot accuracy improves dramatically. By strategically placing the patented Shotmaker insert in the tip section, we are able to increase accuracy while minimizing increase in overall stiffness. The insert is not glued to the golf shaft. Therefore, it does not generate a proportional increase in stiffness as compared to the conventional method of stiffening the shaft tip because the insert does move and flex while it is wedged inside the golf shaft.

Shotmaker Fitting Chart

Harrison Shotmaker with Installation Kit

The Shotmaker is the first USGA rules conforming accuracy boosting golf shaft insert of its kind. It is also the first legitimate accuracy booster in golf history. Naturally, that also means it is a concept that is entirely foreign to the golfing public. This write-up contains essential information that we hope will make your experience using and marketing the Shotmaker a breeze.

Its Principle Functions
The Harrison Shotmaker does two things: it dampens impact shock (but not residual vibration), and it significantly reduces or eliminates shaft deformation. The part about dampening impact shock is easily understood, but The part about interrupting shaft deformation is not.

It Reduces Shaft Deformation
Shaft deformation is inherent in every golf shaft. It is not a result of a poorly fitted shaft, nor is it a by-product of a soft shaft tip. As one of the best golfer in the world, it is fair to assume that Tiger Wood's golf shaft was properly fitted to him. Some have also suggested that shaft deformation is a phenomenon that is particular to graphite shafts. Shaft deformation contributes to a significant increase in inaccuracy. Reducing shaft deformation has been the Holy Grail of shaft designer everywhere. But as long as there is one shaft body, shaft deformation will always be there.

The Shotmaker interrupts the shaft deformation process because it is a foreign body sitting inside the golf shaft. It made it difficult for the shaft deformation to manifest itself during golf swing as to produce up to a 40% increase in accuracy and up to 30% reduction in side spin.

It Reduce Impact Shock
What the Shotmaker does to reduce shock impact also contributes to a higher degree of accuracy. Human hands are not the hand of a robot. Human skin and flesh are soft. Lower impact shock has its benefits. That said, the Shotmaker does not dampen residual vibrations like Sensicore because it does not contain any soft elements on its exterior. Residual vibrations transmit feel, and we want them to pass through to the golfer.

It Preserves Playing Characteristics of the Golf Shaft
The Shotmaker sits at least 6" away from the tip of the golf shaft and below the flex point. It is positioned to preserve the playing characteristics of the original golf shaft. The Shotmaker is locked at one point only. It allows the golf shaft to bend and twist around it. Therefore, it cntributes to a minimal increase in overall stiffness of the golf shaft.

It took Harrison 7 years to develop this product. Harrison has received 4 patents and has pending patent on the Shotmaker design.

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Al is well
By Doc. from Missoula, MT on 07/22/2012
Pros: Easy to install
Cons: none so far
Recommended: Yes
I have not been able to play with the
shotmakier because of health reasons. Will probably be able this week.
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