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Hard Wired for Golf DVD and Workbook

A great deal of golf is mental. Very little time is actually spent hitting the ball. So it only makes sense that someone came up with a system that takes care of the mental side of golf. Dr. Bill Campbell, Doctorate of Psychology, Mental Coach to the pros, professional Golf Educator and renowned Sports Psychologist, introduces Hard-Wired for Golf. Hard-Wiring is how your brain runs your game.

If golf is 90% mental, why do we spend most of our energy and money on equipment? Eliminate bad shots because you were thinking too much over the ball. Dr. Campbell teaches you how to separate your thinking and execution functions. You're only as good as your habits, it's not just about how good your golf swing is. Know how you're going to approach a shot, then commit. Learn the secrets to consistently playing your best golf. Doc's video helps golfers of all ages and abilities understand how they are mentally wired to learn and play golf. Tap into your own learning style so you can reach the "zone" each and every time you play golf.

This is not about swing techniques, the latest technological breakthrough it's about you ... Lower Scores through Better Mental Skills. This isn't a gimmick or one-time gadget. This is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life, not only in the game of golf. It's that powerful. For the price a dozen premium golf balls, you're going to be able to open the door to your best golf.  
  You'll learn how to stop thinking over the ball and just hit it
 • You'll develop your own pre-shot routine ... just like the pros
 • You'll learn how to effectively manage the golf course bringing your "range game" onto the course.
 • You'll knock strokes off your score!
 • Instructional DVD
 • Workbook


"It's an eye-opening experience. Using quick and easy terminology. I've told people about it and I've said, if you want your sixth sense, so to speak, to be awakened then come to this class because it's the most amazing thing ever."
Don Graham, PGA Pro for 17 years.

"I needed to work on my mental game. It's easier not having to think about ten different things. Instead, I think about one. If you have the mechanical game but you have trouble focusing or concentrating on the mental part of it come to the class. It was worth it for me."
Megan, Director of a County Recreation Center and avid softball player.

"When you find out what you are, it's just the most amazing feeling ever. You can't really put words to describe it. And when you hit balls for the first time after developing your own pre-shot routine you absolutely won't believe it. I have never hit this well, ever!"
Susan, avid beginning golfer.

"I was blown away after the first session, in getting an objective assessment on my learning style. I never would have pegged myself for what I really am. Never. And fought it. And what's really exciting is that it works. It's a simple formula and it translates to so many other parts of your life. And I'm really excited about the season."
Becky Berry, recreational golfer, tri-athlete and personal trainer.

"It has definitely rekindled my passion for teaching and playing the game. I was at a point where I lost interest in playing and it's definitely rekindled that so when I go out now I have something to work on. I just can't wait to get out there and play. I'm looking forward to it."
Justin Gold, top amateur player.

"I found out that I'm a very visual type of learner and also play golf better when I visualize what I'm going to do. And so, I'm a 12 handicap last year, and I plan to below a 10 this year and this will help a lot. I think it's going to help you greatly to achieve your objectives."
Ricky Barnes, driving range enthusiast and business executive.

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