P3Pro Swing Pro XC Golf Simulator Package

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P3ProSwing Pro XC Package

This package includes all contents of the P3ProSwing X Package . . .


• Your sensor unit is upgraded to a grass top surfaceGrass Top Surface
• Premium Course Pack II is included!(Over 36 virtual golf courses!)

P3ProSwing™ Pro XC package is the ultimate value for the avid golfer that is interested in full suite of virtual golf courses.

The grass top simulated grass hitting surface provides an improved visual flow when combined with the P3ProSwing stance mats, for a more continuous look in your golf studio. The "grass" is durable nylon bristles, which are tough enough to stand up to repeated strikes. The grass top helps carry the virtual world further into reality and allows your golf simulator experience to look more like a realistic driving range. It also allows for a different feel when using the P3ProSwing. For those shots that aren't hit exactly on the sweet spot, and are maybe a little fat? There's more area under the ball to play with. It's a little more forgiving for those worm burner shots. 

The P3ProSwing Versa Mat provides a stable surface so you can golf on any surface. It has two custom cutouts, one for right hand golfers, one for lefties. Both sides feature cutouts to conceal the USB and power cables that run from your unit to your computer. The Versa Mat puts the golfer at the correct height to ensure alignment for a proper golf stance while using the P3ProSwing™. Base is constructed from a durable foam, and topped with an extremely durable green grass-like surfaceVersa Mat & Catch Net. Folds for easy storage.

The P3ProSwing™ Golf Catch Net is easy to set up, store and is lightweight at only 11 pounds. It has a cantilevered design that allows you to use any club in your bag. One person can easily set up or take down in minutes. The net is 100% polyester providing long wear and UV resistance. Frame poles are made of fiberglass and shock-corded for ease of assembly. All assembled, the catch net measures 104” W x 88” H x 51” D for more than 85 square feet of hitting space. Comes with its own carrying bag to store anywhere – folds down to less than 1 cubic foot of space. Total space requirement for the Pro X: 7' 4" (h) x 8' 8" (w) x 8' 3" (d)

P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software reads your golf swing and gives you an instant report. After every shot, the P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software precisely measures key metrics of your swing, such as swing path, club face angle and club sweet spot and instantly Screen Shot displays them on the computer screen. This analysis is presented in both text and graphical form, which makes understanding your swing dynamics easier. All P3ProSwing golf packages regardless of price include dynamic swing analysis. Pick the right P3ProSwing package that is right for you.

Get analyzed anywhere on the course!

Features: P3ProSwing Pro XC Package - What's Included
• P3ProSwing Sensor Unit P3ProSwing Pro Package
• Golf Swing Analyzer software
• Video Capture Software
• Driving Range
• Dynamic Putting Green and Putting Game
• Two 18-Hole Custom Designed Virtual Golf Course - Highlands National & Desert Dunes
• Tees and tape to get you started
Detailed Summary of Box Contents
• Rubber Top Unit • Quick Start Guide
• 30 ct Assorted Plastic Tees • Club Hosel Numbers
• 6 ct Putters Tape w/ Reflective Strips • Foam Golf Balls
•USB Cable • 1.5" Friction Tee
One Step Club Tape Sample Pack
• 5 Hybrid Tapes
• Power Supply
• 1.5" Friction Tee
• 5 Driver Tapes
• 10 Iron Tapes
Software CD
• Practice Putting Green
• Driving Range
• Putting Game
• Video Capture Sofware
• Highlands National 18 Hole Course
• Desert Dunes 18 Hole Course
• Skills Competition Package (Hole in One, Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive)
• 18 Virtual Course Games Pack 1
• 18 Virtual Course Games Pack 2
• PC Game Interface (For Tiger Woods '07 & '08)
• Versa Mat
• Catch Net

Features: P3ProSwing measures every stroke and gives you instant feedback on the following swing measurements:
• Club Face Angle Golfer
• Swing Path
• Megol Temple Tips and Nose Pads
• Attack Angle
• Strike Location/Sweet Spot
• Hit Distance
• Club Head Speed
• Ball Speed
• Swing Tempo
• Left or Right of Center
• Left or Right of Path
• Toe and Heel Height
• Penalty

Get analyzed anywhere on the course!
The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software allows you to play the 18-Hole Highlands National Golf Course or the Desert Dunes 18 Hole Virtual Golf Course and to have every one of your strokes analyzed! All P3ProSwing golf packages regardless of price include dynamic swing analysis. Pick the right P3ProSwing package that is right for you. 

P3ProSwing measures every stroke and gives you instant feedback on the following swing measurements:

Club Face Angle
This is the angle of your club at the moment of impact. If your club face is not square at impact your ball will not fly straight. If the Club Face Angle is not square it is either:

Open - the club face angles away from you
Closed - the club face angles toward you


Swing Path
The club head should follow a swing path that matches the intended ball flight at the point of impact. More simply, the head of your club must follow a straight line that hits the ball square or your ball will not go straight. If your swing path is not in a straight line to the intended direction of flight at impact your swing path is either:   Inside-Out - the path is from the inside and moves to the outside     Outside-In - the path is from the outside and moves to the inside


Angle of Attack 
Attack angle refers to steepness of the swing. With woods, you want an even or slightly upwards angle of attack; for irons, you want a down angle of attack. A steeper angle of attack with irons adds backspin and helps the ball elevate.



Strike Location/Sweet Spot
This is the center of the club face. The closer you hit the ball with the sweet spot of the club the more power the club transfers to the ball. For more information on why Sweet Spot Deviation is important, click here.


Hit Distance (in yards)
The yardage of your golf shot is calculated from the dynamics of the club as it passes through the impact zone. In our testing, this distance calculation has been measured to be accurate to within 1%. The calculation can also be adjusted based on other variables such as de-lofted clubs, elevation, or known distances.

Club Head Speed (in miles per hour)
The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software measures the speed of your swing as the club head crosses the sensor rows. It gives you the feedback to learn how to maximize the acceleration of club head speed and still hit the Sweet Spot resulting in longer more accurate drives.

Ball Speed
This is a function of how "pure" you hit the ball. When the ball is hit from the sweet spot of the club, the ball speed will be greater.


Swing Tempo (in seconds)
Everyone has a natural rhythm when they swing. Swinging hard may not necessarily mean you are developing maximum club head speed. The amount of time it takes you to draw your club back to ball impact is measured every time you swing.
You can vary your back swing and find the optimum time it takes you to develop your highest and best controlled club head speed. You learn quickly that club head speed can be increased by adding power continuously as you swing, and how to accelerate the club as you swing. Golf is dramatically effected by swing tempo. The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software gives you the information you need to get the greatest distance and the most accurate shots with your swing.

Left or Right of Center (in yards)
The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software automatically sets up a center line for a perfect, straight shot. If you hit the ball with the perfect swing, your ball will go straight down that centerline. But an off-center swing path or an open or closed club face can cause spin on the ball or send the ball in the wrong direction. The Left or Right of Center metric utilizes data from your club face angle and swing path to calculate the effect on the ball during flight, and shows you where your ball will end up as a result.

Left or Right of Path (in yards) 
This measurement gives you the ability to correct your stance so that your swing path is straight. It helps you to determine whether your ball is traveling left or right of center as the result of stance, swing path or club face angle.

Toe and Heel Height (in inches)
The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software determines whether your stance is too close or too far away from the ball. It measures the toe height and the heel height of the club. For a perfect stance you want the club to be parallel to the ground at impact. If the toe height is too high you are too far away. If the toe height is too low you are too close. Your teaching pro can also use this information to fit your clubs and help fine tune your stance when you address the ball.

The penalty that displays in this field is relative to lie position. You receive 20% penalty for being in the rough and a 50% penalty for being in a bunker. 

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