Peter Croker's Path to Better Golf

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Peter Croker's Path to Better Golf

Serious students and golf instructors rate Peter Croker as one of the most important teachers of this era. Internationally based, Peter Croker travels across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia annually delivering seminars, teaching schools and working with teachers wanting to improve results for their own students. Peter has also worked with a number of PGA pros who would rather not let it be known where their secrets come from. A little research will reveal who they are... All over the world, Peter's Professional Teaching "Students" are sought out by golfers and recognized by their golfing association peers as being Top Teachers in their sections. In 2002 Harper Collins published his Path to Better Golf Book. He has been featured in Golf Digest, appeared on the Golf Channel and written about in many golf publications worldwide.

This DVD set introduces you to the definitions used, an understanding of "cause and effect" and a new understanding of how proper alignments help create truly effortless yet powerful results.

The First Lesson is comprised of the definitions as well as demonstrations which will help the viewer understand how for years golfers have been confused by "illusions" related to lag and weight shift.

The next lesson covers Putting. A number of important drills are demonstrated. Along with the drills, Peter discusses how to gain a consistent stroke and understand the mechanics at work on the green.

Chipping is the next lesson in the series. In it you will learn the proper grip, stance, posture and alignments necessary to build a great short game, and the foundation for the full swing as well. You will discover the impact zone, and how compressing the golf ball leads to distance control. Several major breakthroughs await the patient student in this section.

Following on from the Chipping lesson is Pitching. In this lesson, the student learns the proper method to load the hands in the back swing, maintain balance throughout the swing and stay relaxed. The student will gain an entirely new appreciation for how the hands help create the swing and allow the body to turn back and through resulting in a well struck shot.

The final lesson on Disc One is Full Swing Part One. In this lesson Peter reviews grip, stance, posture as well as the other component parts of the swing such as forward press, waggle and takeaway.

Disc Two continues the Full Swing Lessons with Parts Two through Four. These lessons demonstrate the body pivot, top of the back swing, going "A to B", start and end of impact, release, follow-through and finish. Drills associated with this section will enable the student to get beyond the thinking. Finally, watch Peter as he plays a few holes and follow along as he talks you through his though process and course management ideas.

No complete catalog of lessons would be finished without the final two lessons in the series. Greenside Bunker Play reveals the how and why of recovering when your ball has found the sand. Following Peter's advice will make sand play, fun play and you will no longer suffer from anxiety when confronted with these shots.

The final lesson on Disc Two allows you to confidently approach the difficult shots that occur in every round including sidehill lies, fairway bunkers, knockdown, flop, intentional hook or slice. Once the student learns how to control the spin on the ball, no shot is impossible! Finally a section on equipment and fitting is included as a guide to understanding how to optimize your golf game.

2 DVD set , 10 lessons

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