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The Plane Truth For Golfers with Jim Hardy DVD Series

The Plane Truth for Golfers is a 3 volume comprehensive video series that finally unlocks the code to the golf swing and instruction. In The Plane Truth, Jim Hardy shows you the difference between a One-Plane and a Two-Plane swing and helps you choose the right one for you. Most importantly, he shows you which fundamentals will help you improve your swing and hit the ball longer and more consistently, whether you choose to be a One-Plane or Two-Plane golfer.

 What's Included

On the first DVD, Jim (with help from Peter Jacobsen, Scott McCarron, Olin Browne and Tom Pernice) breaks down the difference between the One-Plane and Two-Plane swings and helps you find the one that's right for you.

On the second and third DVDs, Jim and his famous students take you through all the fundamentals for the One-Plane and Two-Plane address, backswing, downswing, impact and follow through.

By knowing which fundamental is for which swing, The Plane Truth for Golfers DVD series will help you improve faster than with any other teacher or method. And the swing thoughts in The Plane Truth are simple and uncomplicated.

You will hit the ball longer and straighter - whether for a $5 Nassau or a $1,000,000 first prize - and have fun doing it!

PLUS, you'll receive the BONUS DVD, Tips & Drills! This DVD gives you incredible tools that will help you groove your new One-Plane or Two-Plane swing, automatically. This DVD features drills with Jim Hardy and Peter Jacobsen, Tom Pernice, Scott McCarron, Olin Browne, Don Pooley and many more top teachers in the game.

Mr. Hardy, you are the best thing that has happened to golf instruction in many years. I have watched your DVDs a number of times and it seems that I get something new and positive everytime. I guess I should mention, I am a rookie one planer with a positive outlook in my golf game. I am a Senior (65), but the one plane is blessing for me. Thank You Mr. Hardy for taking much stress away from this golf addict. Do you have any instructional DVDs on the Short game. Being a Senior, I need that edge.
-Ed Monteiro

Although an avid golfer I was dissatisfied with my performance in 2005. As a result I took a break from golf, but continued to follow the game closely. Your ad on The Golf Channel intrigued me and I initially bought your book(later the DVDs). I determined that a one plane swing could work for me and started practicing, without a golf club, mentally picturing the movement and result. I did not hit any golf balls for over five months. Sunday, Sept. 3rd, I played eighteen holes for the first time with my nephew. My score was 82 (41-41) including seven pars and a birdie. I also had two three putts (need to read that chapter again) and hit the ball more solidly than ever before. My drives were longer, straighter, (with a slight draw) than I can recall. I am now in the process of flattening the lie on my irons (I am 6' 3" and my irons are 2 degrees upright) to have a perfect club fit for my new swing. Your instruction has not only improved my game but substantially increased my enthusiasm as well. Thank you for putting the golf swing into a simple, "plane" perspective.
-George Doug

I reluctantly purchased Jim's DVD's about one month ago. I have tried every training aid on the market. Since I switched from a two plane to a one plane swing, my average score per round has dropped from the mid to high nineties to the mid to low eighties. I am hitting the ball fifteen yards or one full club farther than before with less effort. Not bad for a man who turned 62 last July and has a partially amputated right leg! Thanks, my game is back!
- John Schmitt

WOW - Jim hits a grand slam with this video series - I've learned more about the golf swing then I ever learned before - Jim's direct approach to the swing is refreshing and well recieved. I hope day I will be called one of the "Harty Boys". I can't wait for the short series. Thanks Jim.
- Pete Crocitto

Jim, I just wanted to send you a quick personal message to thank you for saving my golf game. Your insights into the 1PS and 2PS are the reason I was able to continue golfing! Your DVD series is phenominal and worth every lesson I ever had at GolfTech, local pros, etc.... I wish every instructor I've ever had could explain the difficult topics that you takle with ease. You have truly added to the greats of golfing literature. Thanks, and keep the continuing education videos coming!!!! Sincerely,
- Jeff T.

I am 37 years old and having been playing golf since I was in my high school. I have been good and very bad depending on the time frame and what book I was reading or what instructor I was taking from. It never lasted and my friends would always say that I was streaky and would never be consistent with my swing. The truth be told, I am a natural one planer and my friends, instructors, books, etc. kept giving me two plane advice. This dvd set is all you need to filter through the rules that apply to your swing. I now have something to work from that makes since. Thank you very much.
- Trip Beaver

WOW, this really does work! After watching all three DVD's I went out and had instant results. I am a beginner and have been struggling, that was until I watched these DVD's. It now feels right. Shots going straight, no more slicing or hooking. This is by far the best money I have spent on golf. Oh I am having a yard sale and there will be plenty of other training aids for sale. Thanks,
- Ray Hannah

I am an 53 year old orthopedic surgeon who has played golf regularly for over thirth-eight years. I worked in the pro shop and took lessons from Dick Grout, Jack Grout's brother during my youth. I have been to famous golf schools and read every book on instruction I could find. Jim Hardy's book and especially this DVD set are the best instruction I have ever seen. Jim Hardy knows more about golf than anyone on the planet. I have been a two planer my whole life (I didn't know it until I read the book). I quit playing golf, the game I love, for over 6 months and was on the verge of quiting golf forever. I had severe back pain after every round, sometimes I was even bedridden for a day or two. I didn't have pain, if I didn't play golf!! I had no hope until I read Jim's book. In the past year I have switched to the one plane swing and my pain is gone! I'm also playing to a 3 handicap with very little practice and just one or two rounds a week. I've never hit the ball better and I'm still improving. Thank you so much for giving me back my game and getting rid of my pain. I can play again!!!
- John M. Lockwood M.D.

I'm 51 years old, 6'3", 225 lbs., flexible, in good health, and should be a better golfer than my current 18 hcp indicates. My swing would best be described as "Looks great - not sure why you're not more consistent". No one has been able to really make a difference (various instructors)...until I watched (studied, really) your DVD's. NOW IT MAKES SENSE. I have been mixing elements of both swings. Evidently, based on your testimonials here, I'm not alone - this is near epidemic. Certainly I still have a ways to go, but now I have hope. Why? Because I now have a simple (one plane), repeatable swing that can now be ingrained. It's important to me to improve my game,(hopelessly addicted) so Jim, here's my virtual handshake and hearty THANKS FRIEND!
-Bill Hart

I want to tell you how much I liked your dvd instruction. I had to play all of the DVDs as soon as I received them and could easily see how the conflicting golf instruction I had incorporated into my game was actually preventing me from improving my game. I found that I was using some unorthodox moves just to counter instructions not suited to my adopted style. I now feel comfortable with the one plane approach and expect to enjoy the game even more. At age 64 I don't think it is ever too late to learn. Thanks again for your interest in helping my friend and for the DVDs which is the best instruction I've ever received.
- George Kalb

I have to say the best money I spent on golf to date - you have give me much more than the money which I paid - it was a breath of fresh air to actually get what you claim I would get - even more. Thank you for putting together this very done video. I do have one question thought - is ok for me to me considered one of the "Hardy Boys"? :).
- Pete Crocitto

AWESOME!!! I have been playing golf for 15 years and this information is going to get me to another level. It even seems to translate to my short game and putting. I am so excited that I finally have directions that make sense and that I can follow on my own. Thanks to Jim and the Hardy Boys!!!
- J. Hirsch

I needed to revamp my swing to get it on one plane so that I wouldn't put so much pressure on my various old war wounds (neck and shoulders). So, I read the book, brought some of Hardy's basic thoughts on the one plane swing to the practice range and I saw instant results. First time in my life that I have ever put written instruction to work that was simple, completely repeatable and didn't require some quirky compensation in order to be ingrained. Since then, I have hit the ball farther and straighter than I ever had before. Plus, I can call up a dependable draw or fade at will, 99% of the time. Last year, I shot a 65 and several rounds in the low 70s after spending some time practicing my short game. This year, I've only played three or four times and I can keep it in the high 70s without any practice. I know this sounds like a commercial endorsement, Ron, but if you really are having trouble and want some good advice, I'm serious - get the book. It's a quick and easy read and it's cheaper from his website than it is at Chapters. You have a one plane swing and Jim Hardy's book sets out some rock solid advice for it.
- Rick Henderson

I have been playing and teaching golf my entire life. Son of a PGA pro I started at age 3, traveled the country taking lessons from the best of the best. Now age 34, I have been teaching golf for 13 yrs and was trained by some of the biggest names and best Golf Schools in the world. In short, I have tried and seen it all. Not until 2 yrs ago when I met Jim did I "really learn" how to teach and furthermore really learn "how to play" I have little time for practice but I can honestly say that since changing to the one plane swing, in the last 18 months I can't remember a round of golf where I haven't hit it great! It's almost comical how good it is sometimes. Jim, thank you for changing my career and my game!Wish I met you 20 yrs ago. I would have liked golf alot more!
- Jeff Ritter

I'm a golf pro in the Chicagoland area and for the past 2 years have been struggling with my game and the numerous ways on how to take the club back, and how to start the downswing etc... I was recently introduced to the one plane swing, and it has made a 360* difference on my game and confidence level. The one plane idea takes the guessing work and timing factor out of the golf swing and turnes it into one solid motion through the ball.
- Billy

No one understands the conditions of impact better than Jim Hardy. Jim has helped my own game immensely but more importantly he has helped me give people better lessons. Thank you Mr. Hardy for all your hard work and research and thank you for sharing it with pros, teachers, and amateurs.
-Tommy O'Brien Jr.

I've never been a great, great golfer, but I've been able to play. But when you find out something in this stage of your life or your career that makes things easier for you, because it is easier to do, is something pretty neat.
- Bob Uecker

The Plane Truth for me has simplified everything. I've had a lot of thoughts in my life and now they're a lot clearer.
- Mark

Once I figured out I was a two planer and not a one plane swinger, now I had a road map. That I could follow that could help me hit the ball straighter, higher and farther.
- Patrick

You will see the difference not only in the swing, but you will feel the difference at impact and see the difference in the ball flight.
- Bill

You're treating the cause and not the symptom. You're not putting band-aids on a sore. And when you do that you can go in day in and day out and be consistent.
- Marty Fleckman

My ball striking has improved. I'm getting a lot more distance and I'm hitting it down the middle of the fairway.
- Becky

The best thing about Jim's teaching is that it's made me the kind of player I've always wanted to be but never was.
- Mark Miller

Well I love being able to hit it where I want to hit it. Nothing's ever helped my golf game, affected my golf game or my swing, as fast or as easy as this has.
- Curtis

The before shots I was a lot too upright. I wasn't hitting through the ball as well. Afterwards I'm hitting through the ball a lot better. Gettting a little bit of draw on it too.
- Darren

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Best Golf DVD
By Fauzi Tjhe from Medan, Sumatera Utara ID on 03/11/2008
After watching the DVD and switching from two plane to one-plane swing. My handicap dropped from 18 to 10. Thanks to this Dvd
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Secrets From The Plane Truth Vault
By Graham Thomas from Seascale, Cumbria GB on 07/09/2007
Product is superb,an immediate improvement in my game.Pity IN THE HOLE GOLF are not as good,they charged my credit card twice and i am still trying to obtain a refund after nearly a month. They just ignore emails.
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