Bill Harmon Plane EZ Golf Swing Trainer

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Bill Harmon Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer Bill Harmon Plane EZ Golf Swing Trainer

The Plane-EZ™ Golf Swing Trainer can revolutionize every aspect of your game. From putting to driving, it's the only teaching aid you'll ever need!

-- Grip -- Full Swing -- Bunker Game -- Chipping -- Putting --

The Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer combines an internal elastic strap with a solid adjustable yoke. This technology gently restrains the golfer's arms, yet allows a freedom of motion not found in other training aids. The unique "push-pull" action causes the wearer to make a full shoulder turn and to swing "on-plane" every time!

The Plane-EZ Golf Training System includes the Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer™and a 35 minute instructional video featuring Bill Harmon, one of GOLF Magazine's®Top 100 Teachers in America, and Cindy Reid, PGA and LPGA Teaching Professional. Instruction covers 5 lessons on the most important aspects of your game:

Most golfers (80%) slice the ball because they swing "over the top", that is, on a steep, outside-to-inside swing plane. Until the golfer learns to swing along the proper swing plane or path, slicing will be a continual problem. The key to swinging on-plane is to maintain the arm triangle formed at address throughout the swing. By preventing breakdown in the distance between the golfer's elbows, the Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer™ maintains the arm triangle and encourages an on-plane swing time after time. You too can learn to "defy the law of slice" by letting the Plane-EZ™ teach you the benefits of a consistent, on-plane golf swing!

What is the swing plane?
The swing plane can be viewed as an imaginary line drawn from the ball along the club shaft through the golfer's shoulders. It is only by swinging the club along this plane or path that the golfer can ever hope to achieve a consistent golf swing.

Why must the golfer swing on-plane?
Swinging on plane is the key to good golf because each time the club shaft changes direction in relation to the target line, the club face angle changes in relation to the ball. If the club shaft strays off-plane, so will the club face - either opening or closing to the target line. And as the club face goes, so goes the ball!

What is the "arm triangle"?
In order to consistently swing on-plane, the golfer must learn to maintain the "arm triangle" between the shoulders, arms and hands - throughout the entire swing. If the relative position between the shoulders, arms and hands is altered or broken, the golfer can't swing on-plane.

Where does the arm triangle break down?
During the golf swing, the arm triangle naturally "folds and unfolds," both at the top of the back swing and in the downswing. When this folding and unfolding motion occurs (a good thing), many golfers allow their elbows to move closer together or farther apart (a bad thing).

How does the Plane-EZ™ differ from other training aids?
The Plane-EZ's™ unique, patented design maintains the critical distance between the elbows, yet allows for a greater range of motion than other training aids. The Plane-EZ™attaches below the elbows to allow a full, unrestricted shoulder turn and is fully adjustable for right or left-handed golfers, ages 12 and up. You can practice with or without golf balls, on the range, in the backyard or even in your living room!

How can the Plane-EZ™ cure my dreaded slice shot?
The slice shot is usually the product of an "outside-in" swing path. The Plane-EZ™ prevents a "flying right elbow" on the back swing, thereby promoting an "inside out" swing path. The Plane-EZ™ also helps pull the right elbow back to the side on the downswing. This has been coined the "magic move" by some experts, because without it an "inside-out" golf swing is next to impossible!

How can the Plane-EZ™ cure my hook shots?
By keeping the elbows together, the Plane-EZ™ helps prevent a collapsing left elbow and teaches the golfer to drive the hands through to the target to avoid a "short arm" stroke that often leads to hook shots.

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