Roger Fredericks Secrets To Golf Swing Flexibility - DVD Set

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Roger Fredericks Secrets To Golf Swing Flexibility - DVD Set

Regardless of whether you're playing golf for the first time or are a tour pro, taking lessons or not, working on getting some of the distance back or add some that you've always wanted, even if you've never had much success with lessons, videos or any other game improvement product or golf training aid, with Roger Fredericks Golf Swing Flexibility program, you can finally do something that will help your golf game.

The programs includes the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility, plus 2 FREE videos, Secrets to a Fundamental Golf Swing and Secrets to a Powerful Golf Swing. Also included are a wall poster, practice rope, and a take along booklet!

Roger's Fredericks Secrets to Golf Flexibility program is a DVD series that let's you customize the program specifically to meet your needs. Basing the instruction on your swing and flexibility level will give you more benefit to your game faster. By using Roger's program for just minutes a day, you'll get more flexible and improve your golf swing faster than any other method you've tried. You'll get stronger, longer and start swinging your golf clubs with effortless power.

The Three Videos Included in Roger Fredericks Program Are:

Roger Fredericks Reveals Secrets To Golf Swing Flexibility Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility
Unlike most exercise and fitness programs that don't improve your flexibility, "Roger Fredericks Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility" is a golf specific, 3 part DVD series, which will improve your flexibility, creating a more fluid and powerful golf swing, guaranteed. Roger will teach you how to test your own flexibility, and then guide you step by step through - The White Tee (Beginner), Blue Tee (Intermediate) and The Gold Tee (Advanced) Flexibility Programs. In just minutes a day, you'll be amazed at how much your flexibility, and golf swing improves - faster than any other method you've tried.
Roger Fredericks Secrets To Golf Swing Flexibility Secrets to a Fundamental Golf Swing
In this program, Roger will teach you what the TRUE physiological fundamentals of the golf swing are, and why there is no one right method to swinging a golf club. As Roger breaks down the 3 major fundamentals, he'll give you 12 easy to learn swing drills, that will help make your golf swing more fundamentally sound and produce a more effective, and easy to repeat golf swing. This program will clear away much of the confusion that plagues most golfers, and present a crystal clear picture of what a good golf swing really is.
Roger Fredericks DVD Secrets to a Powerful Golf Swing
This simple to use strengthening program will teach you how to achieve a stronger body and produce a more powerful golf swing, at any age. A stronger body, combined with ample flexibility, will result in more distance and consistency in your game. The program again will give you the option of utilizing the White Tee, Blue Tee, or Gold Tee Programs, so you can choose the right exercises for you. This program will get you stronger, longer, and you'll start swinging the club with effortless power.


Roger Fredricks Golf "Since I've begun working with Roger, I've made considerable progress. I just wish I had started this program twenty years ago."
Arnold Palmer
Roger Fredericks Golf "Take a tip from Roger. Listen to him. He's an expert on improving your game quickly."
Gary Player

"Like most golfers who are overweight, I have struggled for a long time trying to get a good shoulder turn. Since using the program, I have increased my shoulder turn from 70 degrees to 90 degrees and am hitting the ball 25 yards farther. I have also lost 20 pounds since using the program. Roger Fredrick is a life saver!"
A. Nelson

"I can touch my toes for the first time in ages! I Just wanted to let you know that I am making progress with my flexibility. I am making sure that I get some or all of the stretches in almost every day. I am able to nearly get my heals on the ground on the "downward dog" stretch and am able to bend over and touch the floor with knees locked for the first time in a long time. Thanks for your instruction time and I will keep you posted on my progress."
David Cardwell - Mission Viejo Country Club

I was lucky enough to get strated on Roger's program a month before the dvd release. My golf scores are now consistently 5-8 shots better per round!
M. Packard

"Roger's program is the best for the recreational golf that I've ever seen. Or, for any golfer for that matter."
Donna Caponi - World Golf Hall of Fame

"I was amazed at how increasing my flexibility by 25 degrees, resulted in my getting 25 more yards off the tee."
Tommy Jacobs - Golf Legend

"Roger emphasized that I could regain my flexibility if I embarked on his stretching program. For the last year I've done so and have regained much of the flexibility that I had in my youth."
Bob Charles - Former British Open Champion

"No matter what kind of swing you're working on, this method will help you get better, play better, and feel better."
David Chapman - Owner, The Tradition Golf Club

"I just step up there, I do my normal swing, and the ball goes farther."
Doug McIntosh - 8 handicap

"What Roger has taught me, it isn't about an age thing. You CAN be more flexible."
Owen McIntosh - 3 handicap

"I got dedicated to his program, and I can't believe the difference. I have no pain at all today."
Lynetta Record - 20 handicap

"My swing definitely has become easier and more effortless. And, I see the results in tournaments."
Chad Fribley - Tour Player

"Working with Roger and his program, Roger was able to put me in the same positions that the pro was trying to get me into. The difference is I could do them now, and I could maintain them. There is more ease in my rotation, and ease through the shoulders. The difference between a year and a half ago and now, was Roger's stretching program.
Lance Parker - +2 handicap

"Now with Roger's program, I'm more flexible like I was when I was young. I feel that Roger's program has given me the fountain of youth for golf."
Shirley Fitzgerald - 34 handicap

"I never had the ability to actually turn my shoulders, Thanks to Roger's program, I can actually turn through the ball. I'm excited because it's only been a few weeks. I can't wait to keep on stretching and keep this going."
Tim Townley - 16 handicap

Roger Fredericks
Roger Fredericks Roger Fredericks is an innovative golf instructor who's worked with some of the greatest players of all time, including Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, John Jacobs and Bob Charles. With his unique philosophy, Roger Fredericks has helped thousands of recreational golfers play better and enjoy their golf games and their lives even more! See what amateur and professional golfers have to say about Roger and his amazing pogram here!

In 1991, Roger Fredericks took a lifetime of knowledge of the golf swing and founded the Del Mar Golf College in San Diego, California. Having studied the game with a passion from such legendary instructors as Claude Harmon, Paul Runyan, Johnny Revolta, Eddie Merrins, Phil Rodgers, Kip Puterbaugh, Mac O'Grady, and a host of others, Roger has put together a learning system which has helped literally thousands of golfers ranging from raw beginners to such golf legends as; Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Raymond Floyd, Bob Charles, and over 40 other touring golf professionals, as well as countless other professional athletes and celebrities.

Along with a mastery status of the golf swing, Roger has studied physiology and Bio mechanics and their relationship to the golf swing, with such legendary sports physiologists including; Pete Egoscue, Dr. Gideon Ariel (the modern day pioneer of computerized Biomechanics), Jim and Phil Wharton of Maximum Performance International, and one of the true pioneers of kinesiology, Dr. Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Florida. All which led to the creation of his innovative teaching series, Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility.

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