Smart Path Golf Swing Trainer

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"Smart Path Golf Swing Trainer PGA Touring Pros & PGA Teaching Pros know that the Smart Path swing trainer provides immediate improvement and lasting results. Maximize your distance, Correct hooks and slices, Eliminate fat and topped shots. The Smart Path will quickly help you achieve optimal ball flight. Golfers of all abilities will be able to find simple and easy ways to create a great golf swing with the Smart Path golf training aid. Only three things directly influence the flight of the golf ball. They are Swing Path, Face Angle, Swing Arc, and the Smart Path is the only golf training aid the trains all three. The Smart Path works for golfers of all ability levels. The Smart Path can be used, with or without a ball, indoors or out, and with any club in your bag . $f(""player"", {src: ""/videos/flowplayer/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.5.swf"", cachebusting: true}, { key: '#$450d1f2cfdf440be091', clip: { url: """", autoPlay: false, autoBuffering: true} });   Features - Smart Path Swing Trainer  • Tour Model Gold Swing Path Arc  • Color coded swing path post  • White club face indcator lines  • Polypropylene turf surface  • Polycarbonate arc feedback surface  • Multiple height hitting tees  • Pre-cut holes     Reference Guide The Smart Path swing trainer is designed to train the only three direct influences on ball flight by providing instant feedback on every swing. This Reference Guide makes it easy to quickly and correctly interpret that feedback, and shows you, step by step, how to get the most out of your Smart Path swing trainer. This conveniently sized, comprehensive Guide is perfect whether you are practicing at the range or in your own backyard. It provides over 100 pages of detailed instruction, logically organized into sections such as Keys to Success, Faults & Fixes, Tips, and Skill Levels. The color-coded pages make it easy to quickly find the answers you need, while the full color photos provide visual illustrations for easy understanding. Whether you are new to the game of the golf or play at an advanced level, this Reference Guide, combined with your Smart Path swing trainer, will ensure that your practice is correct, helping you achieve immediate improvement and lasting results.   Hank Haney DVD Learn To Use The Smart Path Swing Trainer From One Of The World's Leading Instructors! HANK HANEY Coach of the #1 Golfer in the World, 2003 PGA Teacher of the Year, Dean of Instruction for ESPN Golf Schools Hank Haney has been recognized all over the world as one of the foremost authorities on the game of golf. His incredible record as a golf instructor includes having taught more than 200 touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, Futures, European, Japanese, and Asian tours. In professional and amateur golf, his students have won every major tournament. Since 1984, Hank has been ranked as one of the PGA�s finest golf instructors. Hank is also the Dean of Instruction for the ESPN Golf Schools and is a member of the advisory staff for Golf Digest Magazine. In this exciting DVD, Hank Haney and Smart Path have joined forces to help you learn to swing like the touring pros. This DVD contains 30 years of Hank�s world renowned teaching philosophies, combined with the innovative feedback system of the Smart Path, to help you become a great golfer. Hank�s instruction will show you step by step how to get the very most out of your Smart Path swing trainer, ensuring correct practice, instant improvement, and lasting results!     FAQs Q. Who will benefit from The Smart Path? A. The Smart Path is designed to work for golfers of all ages and abilities. Testing has shown that new golfers and low handicappers all benefit from training with The Smart Path. The precisely engineered dimensions of The Smart Path make it equally effective for children and adults of all sizes with every club in the bag. Q. Where can I use The Smart Path? A. The Smart Path is designed to give you complete and accurate feedback whether you are using a golf ball or not. Because of this The Smart Path can be used anywhere you can swing a club� indoors or outside. Q. Why is The Smart Path so effective? A. Only three (3) things control the flight of the golf ball and only The Smart Path gives you the feedback to train all three (3) things. Swing Path, Face Angle and Low Point of the Swing Arc are the only direct influences on the flight of your golf ball. The Smart Path gives you immediate visual, kinesthetic and auditory feedback on every swing. Q. Can The Smart Path help me with my short game? A. Yes! The Smart Path is a terrific tool to help you learn to control your chip and pitch shots. Q. How long will it take before I see results from practicing with The Smart Path? A. You will begin to notice positive changes immediately. In order to retain those changes it is best for you to practice them consistently over a period of time. The optimum is 5-10 minutes per day over a 3 week period. Q. What if The Smart Path moves while I am practicing? A. The four (4) pre-drilled holes on the outer corners of The Smart Path are designed as anchoring points so you can use tees to secure The Smart Path. If you are using The Smart Path on any surface other than grass the foam base is designed to keep The Smart Path from moving.     Testimonials "The Smart Path is one of the best aids I have found. It is effective in each of the learning senses. It helps players with the 3 major facets of the game�Path, Angle, and Face. I believe this will be a product to improve and create better muscle memory for all players who are looking to improve and correct their golf swings." Tim Pratt - Director of Instruction Nike Golf Learning Centers "I use the Smart Path in teaching deaf children how to play golf. They learn visually and this is the best training aid I have ever used for showing your eyes the proper path to impact. Smart Path leads the way to solid contact and direction and allows all my students to have instant feedback and instant success." Rob Strano - Professional Golfer and Lead Instructor for the United States Deaf Golf Camps "I tried the Smart Path at the Haggin Oaks Demo Day in April. Three swings was all it took to convince me that it works. The downloadable guide was helpful as well. I played one week after getting the Smart Path. Unfortuately, I hit many fat shots. So at home, I pulled out the instruction guide and immediately found something to solve my problem. The next day, I went to the range. Problem solved! I can not wait to play again! Instead of guessing what is wrong, the Smart Path and the instructional guide direct me to the problem and THE solution. Thank you for such a sound product." Chris Mooring - Sacramento, CA " Every time I put the Smart Path to use, someone wants to try it. It is impressive to watch folks (especially young amateurs) improve distance and direction after one brief session. ." Brian Harris - Newton, NC " This is a great teaching tool that is always available... and it gives you instant feedback." Kevin McCutcheon - Thornton, CO " I feel that this training device is a great visual tool that can help any golfer." Steve Harvey - Rocklin, CA " I am a beginning golfer and the SmartPath has been a great way to get comfortable swinging my clubs (irons and woods)and to develop some consistency. The SmartPath has been a great way for me to have the capacity to practice all this at home with more frequency than just going to the range on the weekend.." Karen Linkins - Scottsdale, AZ " I use the Smartpath almost every day for approximately 15 minutes or more. By doing this it allows me to create a visual picture of the smartpath which I am able to call back when I tee it up on the course. I go through my routine just like I would in my livingroom and when I set up to the ball I see the smartpath right there on the ground. My drives are so much more consistant now. Thank you for this great piece of equiptment!" Greg Walsh - Denver, CO"

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