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"SureShot GPS 8800 How far is the pin? How many times have you heard that on the course? The answer is here. The sureshotgps is a compact, hand-held, easy to use GPS (Global Positioning System) device specific to golf. With the option of attaching to your belt, golf cart or buggy, the sureshotgps means never having to look for a distance again. Wherever in the world you play golf, the sureshot gps will allow you to obtain distances from tee to green. Experience the difference with better club selection, speedier play and statistical information per round.     Players benefit by being able to:  •  Select the hole to play and know the distance to the front, centre and back of the green from anywhere on the course  •   Know the distance to up to 15 recorded points identifying hazards, etc. for each hole  •  Maintain momentum during play as they no longer have to search for distance markers  •  Know pace of play and elapsed playing time  •  Record individual golf courses quickly and simply and save up to 10 different courses  •  Download from the Tee2Green website pre-recorded courses which can be included in the 10 courses available on the sureshotgps  •  Use sureshotgps on any golf course in the world(subject to local rules)  •  Record fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts and provide statistics. Provided with the sureshotgps is the bonus Windows software sureanalysis which further analyses play and keeps statistics for specific or multiple games.  •  Measure their shots and know the exact distance for each club � enabling this feature allows club recommendation depending on the distance to the green  Product Images   Distance to pin screen Hazard screen Actual Product Size      FAQs What do I do if my course is not on the Database ? When we designed the Sureshot we knew that it would take a while before we could have all the courses mapped that our customers would require. As you can appreciate there are thousands of courses around the world and getting them mapped and on the database as quickly as we would like is a challenge. Knowing this we designed the Sureshot with a simple to use mapping capability - a course can be mapped while it is being played or simply be walking to the course prior to a round and mapping the required co-ordinates. Mapping with the Sureshot allows the golfer to map not only the front, rear and the centre of the green but also up to 15 hazards and a lay up position for each hole. We appreciate that you would prefer to be able to download a course from the database and if you would provide us with the details of the course you require we will endeavour to get it mapped and on the database as soon as possible. In the meantime we hope that you are able to map your course with the Sureshot and begin to enjoy the benefits of playing with the Sureshot. Please do not hesitate to contact should you require further assistance with course mapping or any other aspect of the Sureshot. How do I edit my course data ? Sureshot will allow you to edit courses before they have been uploaded to the web server as a user mapped course. Once uploaded they are locked and cannot be edited, this is designed to prevent any accidental or malicious editing of other people's courses. If you select play golf to see the list of courses loaded into your unit you will see that some course names are preceded with an asterisk. This indicates a player mapped course that has not been submitted to the web which may be edited. To edit the course select the Map Course menu followed by the Edit Course menu. This will then list all the courses which can be edited. Select the course you want and you will be taken to hole 1. You can then scroll down to the hazrd you wish to change and the display will indicate how many hazards of that particular type has been mapped. Use the middle soft key to edit the hazard type and you will be taken to the first hazard of that type which has been mapped. Note: If there is more than one hazard of this type mapped then you can use the left/right arrow keys to scroll through each mapped hazard of this type. For example if you have mapped 3 bunkers on this hole then the display will indicate 1 of 3 (1/3), 2 of 3 (2/3), 3 of 3 (3/3) as you use the arrow keys to scroll through them. How long is the battery life ? The battery life is greater than 4.5 hours with the back light on full brightness. Under normal operating conditions (eg playing a round of golf) the battery life would typically be 7+ hours. How accurate is the sureshotGPS? All Tee2Green professionally mapped courses use a highly sophisticated and accurate DGPS receiver to map the course and hazard points. The accuracy obtained in this mapping process is typically 10 to 20 cm. The sureshotgps uses the latest in GPS technology to obtain the best possible accuracy under all conditions. Together with the highly accurate mapping of the courses the typical error is in the order of 1 to 3 m. However, there are a number of circumstances that can increase the error. If the sureshotgps does not have a clear view of the sky then accuracy can be degraded. Also there are rare occasions when there is a "bad" alignment of the gps satellites. This can also reduce accuracy for a short period of time. In this circumstance accuracy can degrade by a few metres. So for best possible results make sure that the sureshotgps has an unrestricted view of the sky and that the user takes out an annual subscription to enable access to the Tee2Green professionally mapped courses. Is sureshotgps easy to use? The sureshotgps has been designed specifically for the golfer and is therefore simple in its operation. There are multiple levels of operation and the player decides on the level required. The simplest level gives distances to the pin or recorded hazards and requires the press of one button at the start of each hole. If more information is required or recorded then the player can choose a higher level of operation and this can require the pressing of additional easy to use function keys. Whatever level is chosen operation is easy. Is using a GPS distance device during a round of golf a violation playing regulations? Many golf courses already have GPS devices installed in their golf carts. sureshotgps is a handheld GPS device that can be taken by the player to any course. Local rules need to be checked before using the device in competitions. What is the advantage of using sureshotgps over a laser rangefinder? With the sureshotgps you can determine the distance to objects that are not in your line of sight. GPS can provide you with distances any where on the course that may be difficult to get with lasers. With GPS you can see those distances immediately. Also, by using sureshotgps you don't have problems with overshooting a target or having to hold the device steady for accurate readings.  "
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SureShot GPS
By Ron Baudanza from Staten Island, NY US on 05/04/2007
The SureShot is very easy to use and gives accurate distances. The game tracking features I haven't really used yet but the way it keep score during a round works great. A couple of knocks are if there are multiple courses with the same name you can't tell which one is right until after you download it, and evidently courses cannot be mapped by users unless you physically walk the course. If you could map via google earth or some other satellite image that would make it easier to map courses. Aside from this 2 cons I would definitely recommend the SureShot Golf GPS to someone else.
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