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Swingrite Golf Trainer


The Original Swingrite and the Swingrite 2000 make it possible to practice your golf swing in a confined space without actually striking a ball. It enables full concentration to be focused upon technique without the distraction of making contact with the ball.

If Swing Rite is swung properly . . . . . . it clicks at the "bottom" of your swing. If it clicks before or after the ball, or not at all, then you need to make corrections to your swing. You will gradually proceed to lower numbers to obtain power and distance. SWING RITE REINFORCES GOOD TIMING, CAN BE USED TO SIMULATE APPROACH SHOTS AND CHIP SHOTS, AND YOU CAN PRACTICE ANYWHERE-NO MATTER THE WEATHER!

Set head at desired number
Pull ring toward grip end beyond triggers as far as it will go.
Then swing 'till you "click the club" at your imagined impact point.

Start at the highest setting 9, and work your way down towards the number 1 position turning the chrome head 1/2 turn at a time until you feel comfortable swinging Swing Rite and making it "CLICK" at the proper position. When you reach your desired position and can swing comfortably, that's it, you're ready to perfect your swing. HAVE FUN.



Q. Where can I practice with SwingRite training aids?
A. Both the Original SwingRite and the SwingRite 2000 can be used anywhere, indoors or out--at the driving range, in your backyard, at home, or at the office--to perfect your swing and increase your power year-round.

Q. What types of shots can I practice with SwingRite training aids?
A. You can practice any type of shot, including approach shots and chip shots (see Instructions).

Q. When should I receive my SwingRite in the mail?
A. SwingRite.com ships using UPS or FedEx and are fully insured in transit. Delivery time vary depending on the destination. Deliveries usually take five (5) to (10) business days from the time you place your order. NOTE: We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Q. How big are these training aids?
A. The Original SwingRite is approximately the size of an actual golf club without a clubhead. It is 34" long. The SwingRite 2000 is a few inches longer, with a clubhead the size of a 3-wood. SwingRite 2000 has a telescopic shaft for easy travel and compact storage.

Q. How do I know if my swing is correct?
A. The "click" is the key to a SwingRite training program--you don't need anyone to tell you if the timing of your club release is right. With SwingRite, YOU can tell all by yourself--and adjust your swing to accomplish more power and distance. The goal is to have the “click” happen at the bottom of the swing. In other words, the SwingRite should “click” at impact with the imaginary ball.

Q. How do I measure my progress?
A. If you practice regularly with SwingRite, you will soon see your distances increase with each respective club in your bag. As you see progress, you will adjust the setting to lower numbers. This adjustment will make you swing harder in order to produce the “click”, thus creating an ever more powerful swing.

Q. How far should I be hitting?
A. In still conditions, a male golfer should hit 120-140 yards with his 7-iron, 155-180 with his 3-iron, and even farther with his driver. The difference between the white and the ladies' tees is from 30 to 100+ yards at most courses (par 3s to par 5s), so women generally figure their maximum distance to be lower than men's according to similar parameters.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!  
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Developing Tempo & Timing
By Marty from Longville, MN US on 10/26/2010
This training aid proved to be exactly what I needed to start lowering my scores. I am a high handicapper. During lessons with a pro he could not understand why my practise swings were perfect but when I stepped up the ball, I would hit it very poorly almost missing it at times. He suggested I work on not hitting the ball but trying to return the club face to the address position and simply pulling it through the impact zone. In my case easier said than done with a ball in front of you. At this point I went shopping for a training aid. ITHG had proven to me previously to be a very reliable source and ordered the Swingrite from them. The Swingrite first got me working on and developing my tempo and not trying to hit a ball. I try to swing it a couple dozen times before I go to the range or to play a round. I find that my mind and body get locked into the tempo and simply trying to complete a smooth swing. This carries over to the range and the course where I do not have the physical and mental lockup as I used to trying to hit the ball. The frquency is greatly reduced and the bad shots are not neaarly as bad. I also find it very useful in warming up as well.

The handicap is now moving in the right direction.
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