Swing Whistle Golf Training Aid

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Swing Whistle Golf Training Aid

Do you have trouble with casting, coming over the top, hit it fat or lack clubhead speed? SwingWhistle provides instant multi-sensory feedback to train your swing to have maximum speed AT IMPACT and can correct many or all of these swing flaws!

Its simple physics, however you swing the club or whatever swing philosophy you have, you need to produce maximum speed at impact! Swing Whistle will help train effective clubhead speed and proper mechanics for a more sound golf swing.

 Features:Swing Whistle Golf Swing Trainer
 • Instantly alerts you where your maximum clubhead speed is, WHISTLE AT IMPACT!
 • Corrects "casting" and "fat shots"
 • Trains timing, tempo and effective clubhead speed
 • Identifies off center hits
 • Works with your own equipment
 • Compact and inexpensive, will fit in a pocket of your golf bag
 • Multi-sensory feedback to maximize your swing fundamentals

Diagnosing the sound of the Swing Whistle

Shrill: Over-swinging the club and maintaining clubhead speed to the finish

No Whistle: No lag and "sling" of the club

Early Whistle: "casting" or "coming over the top" This is caused by un-hinging the club early using the wrists to force the club to the ball

Swing Whistle: Consistent low toned whistle AT IMPACT!

Take several practice swings and listen for the whistle, the best tone is created by gravity and centrifugal force to "whip" the club at IMPACT! Take a practice swing, move in and hit the ball with the same sound.

Swing Whistle Instructions

  • Clip Swing Whistle at bottom of shaft, slide down to top of hosel as shown here
  • Swing your club and listen for the Whistle
  • Adjust your swing to Whistle AT IMPACT!
  • Remove by sliding up and pulling back away from the shaft

Swing Whistle replaces the “woosh” drill because you are able to produce the whistle and hit balls at the same time, reinforcing the proper lag and release of the club.

An early whistle is caused by casting or releasing the clubhead early, adjust your swing to whistle at impact. Lag the club to delay the whistle.

A high pitched whistle or “shrill” is too much clubhead speed throughout the swing.

The ideal swing is a compact, low toned whistle at IMPACT!

The Swing Whistle teaches gradual acceleration to impact with instant multi-sensory feedback.

For those players with clubhead speed over 110mph, use a 6 or 7 iron to keep Swing Whistle from breaking or coming off your club.


Q: How Does it work?
A: It’s physics, the “whistle” occurs when the club is traveling the fastest. If a whistle is heard early (knee level), there is an improper release or “cast”. More lag and maintaining the angle (forearm/shaft) longer creates a whistle at impact.

Q: What club should I use?
A: You can use any club the Swing Whistle fits on.

Q: How do I get it to whistle at impact?
A: Take a swing and listen for the Whistle. Keep swinging until the whistle is heard near impact. Your body should instinctively adjust the release point to whistle at impact.

Q: What happens if it breaks?
A: The Swing Whistle is made out of a high density polycarbonate plastic. It is not made to withstand direct contact with a ball, although you do hit balls with it attached. (See home page for proper placement) The ideal place is the very top of the neck. Use a 6 or 7 iron to practice. If it breaks under normal use, return it!

Q: Where is the Swing Whistle made?
A: The Swing Whistle is made in the USA

Q: Why does it twist on my club after I hit a ball?
A: There are great forces on the club at impact. We designed the Swing Whistle sturdy and stay in place, however with the amount of force, there will be some twisting on off center hits. Just adjust and swing again. Shots on the sweet spot will result in less twisting which is an additional benefit.

Q: How do I put the Swing Whistle on the club?
A: Clip it on the bottom of the shaft and slide it down the neck of the club, as high as possible to avoid contact with the ball. (see picture on home page)

Q: Can I use the Swing Whistle during a round?
A: No! Only use the Swing Whistle during practice rounds or any rounds that do not have tournament or handicap ramifications. Please consult the USGA rule book for exact procedure.

Q: Can I return it if I’m not satisfied?
A: Yes! If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, send it back for a full refund, less S&H. Please contact us directly and we will try to help you make it work.

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