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 SWINGSCOPE Golf Swing Trainer

The Swingscope is the first of its kind swing teaching device and uses direct Bio-Feedback to guide the golfer to utilize the proper golf specific muscles in order to ingrain the correct muscle memory with respect to coil, lower body resistance, stability and the dynamic relationship between a fundamentally sound hip and shoulder turn.

The Swingscope is effective because it assists the golfer in executing the proper marriage between upper and lower body, therefore promoting a more proficient golf swing. Control of the lower body and proper hip displacement are a catalyst for power and consistency in the golf swing. This will eliminate a host of upper body compensations triggered by sloppy body control. Compensations, which plague virtually every recreational golfer.

The ability of the Swingscope's Bio-Feedback to prompt the golfer to more consciously and actively assert the correct golf specific muscles necessary to execute a balance between lateral load and rotation make it an invaluable asset to golfers of any skill level.

Every golfer can benefit from using the Swingscope because the feedback is correct, useful, and immediate.

Included With The Golf Swingscope:

* Instructional DVD with Jim McLean
* Pocket Size Quick Reference Guide
* Batteries Included
* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Swingscope Golf Training Aid


Address Position
In the address position your upper-center which you can identify in your swing as the center of your collar bone is represented here by a red dot and is positioned just behind the ball, the shaft lean runs up in line with your arm pit. This position feels and looks remarkably similar as at impact. Using SWINGSCOPE will allow you to properly leverage this position at impact.

The Take-Away
Note how little lateral motion there is in the take-away. With SWINGSCOPE's feedback you will be turning sooner minimizing lateral motion that will result in proper arm extension away from the body.
Move to the Top
Pay attention to how the hip rotates and how nicely the hip pocket pulls straight back behind you. After the initial take-away there is no lateral motion, the move to the top is purely rotational. The SWINGSCOPEwill signal you with feedback if you rotate back too far, which could result in reverse pivoting, or if your lower spine slide out laterally causing the sway. In either event if you go beyond the point of feedback, the posture for a proper transition to the downswing is lost. You will feel the SWINGSCOPE's benefits most here.
First Move Down
Once the SWINGSCOPE has ingrained this controlled position at the top of you swing, you are fundamentally poised to execute an uninhibited downswing.  As your lower body falls away for the SWINGSCOPE's sensor boundary your weight transfers to the front leg, the upper center is able to rock downward leveling the shoulders, and keeping your back to the target, your arms fall simultaneously. Note that you do not see the red dot of the upper center as of yet.
The Slot
By using the SWINGSCOPE to eliminate sloppy lower body control, you are able to keep your back to the target in transition while your weight shift clears the slot. This allows your hands to freely enter the slot without prematurely turning your shoulders. Your chest is just about square. GOODBYE SLICE! GOODBYE PULL HOOK! Not much can go wrong from here, the path is set you are on plain and you have leveraged the release of the club.
The Impact
Once the hands are brought down into the slot correctly your upper center is very stable like the axle of a wheel. The upper-center almost stops and moves very little as the arms and club line up like a spoke at impact in a burst of speed. All the speed is transferred to the head of the golf club. Just hang on the club knows where to go.
Post Impact
Your upper center is so stable through impact that 100% of the momentum has been transferred to the head of the golf club. The hands continue to be completely passive extension is already there, just hang on there is no better way to maximize it.
The Follow Through
Your upper center has been remarkably stable since entering the slot, allowing the SPEED to build and release on it's axis. The job is done. Momentum and path ease your turn up and around to a balanced and decelerating finish.

The SWINGSCOPE will put you in the proper positions so that you can experience the correct sequence and timing of the golf swing for yourself.

Q: Can the Swingscope be used for both left-handed and right-handed golfers?
A: Yes, the Swingscope comes with adjustable straps, one size fits all and works on right-handed or left-handed players.

Q: Can The Swingscope be used indoors?
A: Yes, we highly recommend that you use it indoors at home, in the office, or anytime you have the opportunity to put on the Swingscope. The Swingscope is the most effective way to develop the muscle meory needed to perfect your swing.

Q: Will it take long to see results?
A: You will feel a difference in your swing in minutes, and in days you'll see results on your scorecard.

Q: Which golf clubs can I use with the Swingscope?
A: You can use any club in your bag.

Q: Can Swingscope help my putting?
A: Absolutely, stability is essential in your putting stroke. Swingscope's adjustable sensor can be set to detect even the slightest incorrect body motion in your putting stroke.

Q: Can I use the Swingscope on the course?
A: Most definitely! The Swingscope is a non-invasive device, and allows complete freedom and mobility in your golf swing.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Great Product
By Fauzi Tjhe from Medan, Sumatera Utara ID on 03/11/2008
A great product overall. Prefer to use at home as this thing is a bit oversize to use at practice range.
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