Swing Tempo Golf Training Aid

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Swing Tempo - Golf Tempo Training Aid

The revolutionary Swing Tempo is a tempo-training device that allows you to measure and retain your optimal tempo. There has never been a training aid that allows you to store your own tempo settings and achieve consistent, repeatable results... that is until now!

Golf Tempo, Digitally Remastered
Swing Tempo is the only golf tempo training aid that provides a correct digital reference to your tempo, timing, and rhythm.

Learn to Swing Like The Pros with Swing Tempo

By programming your desired tempo to the exact 1/10 of a second accuracy.
 Finally, you can SEE, HEAR, and FEEL the tempo that is just right for you.

- Accurately time your swing from beginning to end.
- Find, store, and train with your perfect swing tempo.
- Swing with the tempo of your favorite tour pros.
- Only product to feature 3 proven learning methods.

Learn Your Tempo Using 3 Methods:
1. Vibration
* Soothing vibration allows for quiet practice sessions
* Clip to your belt for use on the golf course or at home
* Enhance muscle memory
* Perfect for range practice
* Comfortable and discreet
2. Visual
* Lighted LED technology
* Establishes mental swing image
* Perfect for the visual learner
3. Audio
* Four adjustable volume tones
* Ideal for lessons
* Perfect for range practice use
* Instant feedback for others to see if your tempo is correct

 Features: Swing Tempo Golf Training Aid
   LCD Display  - *Display current settings
   Auto/ Manual Select
 * Auto -- Allows for contiuous operation for practice or range use
 * Manual -- Only operates three times when manual mode is selected. Ideal for field use.
   Adjustable Tempo Speeds
 * 1/10 second increments
 * BS: Back-swing tempo
 * TS: Top-swing pause
 * DS: Down-swing tempo

 Use the recommended tempos below to categorize your swing speed:
 Speed    Tempo
 Fast    04 03 05
 Average   05 04 06
 Slow    06 04 07

 The Swing~Tempo also allows you to swing like your favorite Tour Professionals.
 Use the list below to see how your tempo compares with the worlds best players.
 Player   Tempo
 Nick Price  04 02 05
 Phil Mickelson   05 03 06
 Vijah Singh  05 03 06
 Ernie Els  05 04 06
 Greg Norman  04 03 05
 Annika Sorenstam  05 03 06
 Tiger Woods  05 03 06
 Jim Furyk  06 04 07

Dick DeLaCruz
DeLaCruz Golf

Ive been using the Swing-Tempo since you gave it to me at the Olympic in Carlsbad. I am hitting the ball very straight now --- this unit helps get better shots to the fairways --- you have to work with it (practice) for about a week or twice daily and the shot will come, patience. Swing-Tempo stopped my slice and gave me a slight hook on my drives --- makes it fun to hit golf balls again! You guys gave a good thing going --- Thank you.

Carol Presisinger
Kiawah Island Learning Center

The Swing-Tempo is the best training aid I've ever used.  Reason?  Most golfers swing too hard or too fast at the ball, especially when they swing the longer clubs. (Of course, you know that, that's why you have this wonderful product!.) They create tension; lose balance, and mis-hit shots off the club face.  Since the PGA show, I have used the Swing-Tempo on 5 students, (2 women, 1 junior girl and 2 men), with handicaps ranging from 5 to 30.  (Remember the weather here has been cold and rainy, so my days teaching are numbered.)  After establishing tempo for each male student and the junior, all immediately learned they were swinging the driver with too much effort, speeding up their tempo and losing balance.  When they matched the driver tempo with a 9 or 5 iron tempo, what a difference in ball flight! Improved direction with no loss of distance. Sometimes I'll ask the male students to agree that distance may decrease if we desire to keep the ball in play.  With the Swing-Tempo, you can achieve both.
Carol Preisinger, LPGA T&CP member, Class A
Golf For Women Top 50 Teachers, 2000, 2003, 2004
Golf Digest "Best in State" list, 2000, 2003
Golf Magazine Top 400 list, 2001, 2003
LPGA National Teacher of the Year, 1998

Donald Peterson
The Swing Factory

One of the things I like about Swing-Tempo is the ability to compare swing speeds between my students and the pros you have researched. Having proof and accurate data of the best players swing speed speeds is something that hasnt been offered with any other product.

Improvements-I cant think of any. This product is easy to use. Does everything you say. Its accurate. A worthy investment for anyone who is serious about improving his game.
Donald Peterson
Class A PGA Golf Instructor
President of The Swing Factory

Ted Britschgi
PGA Teaching Professional

Having taught with many of the Top 100 instructors over the past 15 years, I feel the Swing-Tempo is the only device on the market that gives you the most accurate feedback to the most elusive fundamental - "Tempo".  "Your" tempo is the path towards getting into the "zone." Tempo protects you from distractions. Tempo calms you down. Tempo gives golfers the opportunity to play their best without the thought of mechanics. Tempo allows the golfer to play to their potential more often. Swing-Tempo is the best device available to allow golfers to reach their personal best in a short amount of time. I see this as the best breakthrough in years in finding an easy way to play on "automatic." I recommend this product to all my students from amateurs to PGA Tour professionals alike. You need to get the Swing-Tempo Now!

Ted Britschgi
Director of Instruction
Class A� Teaching Professional

Remember, good tempo leads to good swing mechanics..
From Driver to putter, one consistent tempo is the key to a great golf swing. The innovative Swing~Tempo will give you the muscle memory and reliability you need to discover "your best swing ever".

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swing tempo
By Chris Moulton from Hook Norton, Oxfordshire GB on 11/08/2010
Great gadget, needs a bit of practice to perfect.
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