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T-Thru Green

Our patented*(US Patent Number: 6,746,340) golf mat allows the golfer to learn the proper swing motion by training them to hit down and through the ball: to strike the ball first then take a divot.

The results will be better control of your shots and greater distance: more control because hitting down and through provides proper trajectory, causing greater distance as more energy will be transferred at impact.

Ever wonder why the pros can have different looking swings but hit the ball consistently solid. Well it has to do with one common denominator - the bottom of their arc. ALL of the pros have learned to hit the ball first and then take a divot. It is by far the most important fundamental in golf. If you do not learn to master this motor skill in your golf swing then your game will always be filled with frustration.
Introducing T-Thru Green the most advanced training mat in the world!

The T-Thru Green patented training mat is the world's only true training mat. Although other golf mat concepts have been introduced in recent years, they all have one thing in common-- they give the user no feedback. In fact, conventional mats make the consumer think he is improving when in reality he is getting worse. On a conventional mat you can hit 3-4 inches BEHIND the ball and because the club bounces off the mat into the ball you think you have hit a good shot. You are practicing bad habits and don't even realize it. On the other hand, the T-Thru Green training mat gives you instant feedback. If the divot does not release when you hit the ball you know INSTANTLY that you have made a poor swing and because we have taken away the fear of hitting down and through the ball due to our T-Thru Green patented divot release you start concentrating on the most important part of the swing - IMPACT!!

 The T-Thru Green training mat will train you to strike the ball first then take a divot. This ensures a number of things:
  solid consistent contact, eliminate those embarrassing fat and topped shots
 • more distance, confident in your club selection
 • more spin, back it up like the pros do
 • proper trajectory

The T-Thru Green training mat is based upon the physics of the golf swing. This one-of-a-kind patented golf training mat teaches you:
  to properly shift your weight to the left side on the downswing (for right handed golfers the opposite for left handed golfers)
 • better balance, no more hit and fall back
 • how to hit down and through the ball which is the real secret to getting the ball airborne
 • how to maintain your spine angle thru the shot

Learning these fundamentals leads to 2 things:

1. your swing bottom moving forward and bottoming out at IMPACT
2. your golf game improving more than you ever thought possible

Once you learn to consistently make your swing bottom out at impact now you can begin to learn how to fade and draw the ball. This is done by controlling the swing path and the club head. ALL of this becomes possible when the club head is striking the ball first and not the ground.

Think about it. What happens when your swing bottoms out before the ball and your club hits the ground first?

* the club head slows down causing loss of distance
* the club head twists making it virtually impossible to know whether the ball will hook or slice

So we know that bottoming out before the ball leads to short, crooked shots—sound familiar. Spend 15 minutes a day on the T-Thru Green training mat and master the one fundamental all pros have in common.

Move your swing bottom forward and watch your game soar!

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