Thumb Caddy Golf Grip Training Aid (3 Pack)

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Thumb Caddy Golf Grip Training Aid (3 Pack)

The Thumb Caddy is a revolutionary device that ensures the correct grip by keeping your thumb in its proper place. By stabilizing the thumb, the grip stays in the proper position throughout the swing. This results in increased muscle memory and straighter, more consistent shots.

The Thumb Caddy's unique design also prevents you from gripping the club too tightly, what the pros call “the death grip”. You should hold the club lightly enough to allow for plenty of wrist freedom and feel, but firmly enough to maintain control throughout your swing. With the Thumb Caddy you are now in control of your grip.

 • Ensures Proper grip and club alignment
 • Eliminates hooks and slices
 • Improves accuracy, distance and control
What does the Thumb Caddy really do?
Thumb Caddy ensures the proper golf grip and club alignment which helps eliminate hooks and slices. It stabilizes the top hand by cradling the thumb, keeping the hands aligned with the club face throughout the swing and also allows for a soft, yet secure bottom hand (Middle and Ring fingers wrap around the outside of the Thumb Caddy) and this promotes the correct grip pressure resulting in increased power and greater distance.

How do you put on the Thumb Caddy? / How do you use the Thumb Caddy or where do you place it on the club?
Simply snap the Thumb Caddy onto the lower end of the shaft at the golf club head. Using both thumbs, spread open the Thumb Caddy and slide it up to where you would normally grip the golf club with your top hand.

(Tip) For a little leverage, position the club with the head on the ground and the top of the grip against your stomach.

Position the Thumb Caddy so that it is lined up with the grip logo of the club face.

Once positioned, just place your thumb into the cradle of the Thumb Caddy. Right handed golfers place the left thumb and Left handed golfers place the right thumb.

Is the Thumb Caddy legal? / Is the Thumb Caddy sanctioned for USGA tournament Play?
Thumb Caddy is allowed for all play except USGA (United States Golf Association) sanctioned events.

Is the Thumb Caddy for right or left handed golfers alike?
Yes. Thumb Caddy works for both right and left handed golfers.

Does the Thumb Caddy have any warranty?
Yes - there is a limited lifetime warranty. Global Golf Training Products, Inc. will replace any Thumb Caddy that is broken as a result of normal use. We will not replace product that is broken from abuse or misuse.

Will the Thumb Caddy fit oversized golf grips?
This version of the Thumb Caddy will fit all standard golf grips and some oversized grips.

Can the Thumb Caddy be used by someone using the V or Vardin Grip a/k/a as the strong grip?
Yes, with a small adjustment (turn to the right or left) to its position on the golf club grip, the Thumb Caddy promotes a consistent strong grip.

What material is the Thumb Caddy made of?
Zytel Nylon coated with rubber. This gives the Thumb Caddy elasticity and memory, allowing it to firmly fit onto any golf club and remain stable throughout the swing.

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