The Only Green - The Old Tom (3'x12')

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The Only Green - The Old Tom Putting Green (3'x12')

The ONLY Green Model 312 is ideal when you want all the features of a 12 foot green, but have some space challenges. As a tribute to the creator of St Andrews, Carnoustie, Prestwick and many others the "Old Tom" measures 3 feet wide by 12 feet long, it includes 6 break stations, 3 on each side, for up to 50,000 different break combinations.  The "Old Tom" also has the ability to be elevated on both ends for both uphill and downhill putts.  The "Old Tom" comes with one cup, one flag, one side step, as well as a matching putter rack that holds up to 4 putters.

Choose from a variety of woods to compliment your surrounding furniture and your environments decor.  African Bubinga, American Cherry, Dark Walnut, Hard Maple, Natural Ash, and Rustic Hickory are all available. 

No Tools Required!  With our simple step by step video instructions, in less than 30 minutes your putting green will be ready for use.  The TOG 312 is designed to be easily taken apart in three 3' x 4' sections and put back together if it needs to be moved.

The ONLY Green is the ultimate piece of golf furniture that will absolutely make you a better putter!  

We sincerely thank you for your interest in The ONLY Green™, the world’s ultimate selectively contourable indoor putting greens. As you may know, participation in the great game of golf continues to expand rapidly around the world among men, women and juniors of all ages. There continues to be extensive research in the area of club head and shaft design to help us improve our long game. Yet, for most of us, putting - which normally constitutes half of our game - is seldom practiced and is where the greatest number of strokes can be saved.

Some of the greatest teachers of the game, such as the late Harvey Penick, suggests that "Golf should be learned starting at the cup and progressing back toward the tee."

Our history started in 1989 when Rocklin Duffy took a "crude box with some knobs and turf on top” and turned it in to the ultimate indoor game improving golf product in existence today. For the past 23 years he and his wife Lisa have been committed to producing absolutely the finest, most realistic indoor putting green in the world... a green that is an excellent training aid, entertainment for the whole family, and a beautiful piece of furniture that will last a lifetime with a bit of care.

The ONLY Green™ has received international acclaim and respect from top PGA Tour players, golf coaches, and golf enthusiasts around the world, who are buying for themselves and recommending purchase to others. Each green is 100% individually hand made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. Intended for indoor use only, the The ONLY Green is warranted for one-year against defects in materials and workmanship. With proper care it could provide you a lifetime of pleasure. 

In 2012 Rock & Lisa determined it was time to retire and the best decision was to sell the business to Scottsdale, AZ based The GOLF Tank. The GOLF Tank is led by Tim Ummel & Mike Helfrich who have a combined over 40 years in the golf industry but also had a deep appreciation for what Duffy's had created. The GOLF Tank will continue the passion of creating the ultimate indoor putting green for golfers worldwide.

Wood Finishes


Although The ONLY Green is extremely sturdy, we recommend you treat it as you would any fine piece of furniture. When there are breaks stations set, walk around the green, not on it. When not in use, set all break stations to flat. The putting surface should be brushed or vacuumed regularly and the wood dusted and wiped with a damp cloth or furniture polish occasionally. If the putting surface gets soiled or stained, remove the surface and have it cleaned by a professional.


The ONLY Green™ is warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. With reasonable care it will last a lifetime.

How it Works

Contained within the structure of The ONLY Green™ is a trouble free mechanism which enables you to set four different elevations of break into the green at each of 2 to 16 break stations, depending on the model you choose. The ends of the greens may also be elevated for uphill and downhill putts.

This very simple procedure takes only a few seconds and can be done by hand or from a standing position with any cavity back putter. Simply raise the knob in the vertical slot while sliding the other adjustment knob to the desired A through D break elevation, D being the highest elevation.

The cup is regulation, and the green speed was developed with input from PGA Professionals and instructors who predominantly recommended a true, tournament speed green. Our proprietary Dream Green™ putting surface comes in speeds ranging from 9 - 12.5 on the stimp meter.

The Platform Game

The ONLY Green copyrighted scoring system enables you and up to 7 friends to play a 9-hole par 36 or an 18-hole, par 72 putting course with different length putts and contour variations facing you on each hole.

Scoring possibilities can range from double eagle to triple bogey. In addition to the course layout and scorecards provided, you can design other courses yourself. The course layouts use the entire putting surface, are great for all kinds of venues and create hours of fun.


I live in an area where the climate is nice and I can play golf all year round. How can it help me? Would I use it much?

We have clients in a wide range of climate areas, both here in the US and throughout the world. A great many of them live in "beautiful areas". In fact, many have homes right on the golf course. Remember - no place is perfect all the time.

Heat, humidity, rain, wind, insects, overcrowding, slow play and not enough time to play are just some topics that come up. It is nice to have a truly great putting surface available whenever you want; after work, while watching the news, during a game, whenever the urge to putt a few hits you and you don't feel like going to the course.

At first, you may think that you will only putt indoors during the off season…but think about it. When do you want to be at the top of your game? When you are playing!

If you have The ONLY Green™ in your home and/or office, you can get in a few strokes of practice whenever you get a little window of time or just need a stress break. Many of our clients tell us that having Golf Theme Parties with family and friends throughout the year is always a big hit!

Can I walk on the green?

The green can be walked on over its entire surface when it is flat. When you have breaks set in your green we suggest you walk alongside to retrieve balls from the cup. However, if you or anyone else forgets, there should be no concern. The subsurface is designed to have good flex qualities and be extremely tough and durable. We have had very few failures, and these were the result of negligent behavior by extremely heavy adults.

Is it difficult to put together?

The ONLY Green™ has been designed to go together easily. All models come in 4 foot sections & attach together via door hinge pins. Assembly is simple and instructions are included. The only tool required is a standard phillips head screw driver for installing a few screws. Once you have read the instructions and assembled The ONLY Green™ the first time (about 30 min.), if you decide to move it to another location, it will take only about 5 minutes to disassemble and 5 minutes to reassemble the green in the new location. We frequently receive compliments on The ONLY Green™ from happy customers, including the ease of setup!

I have small children. Do I have to be concerned with them damaging the green?

Many owners have children and grandchildren. They love to play on The ONLY Green™ and love to challenge parents. This is a great family activity! Although beautiful, The ONLY Green™ is also very tough and durable. It will easily withstand a lot of use. Truly abusive treatment could be another matter. The putting surface should be vacuumed or brushed frequently, and can be cleaned should someone spill a soda or anything else on it. Cigarette or cigar ash will burn and permanently damage the surface.

What is the putting surface? Is it just astroturf? How fast is it?

As you know, green speeds vary by region, season, and course. The ONLY Green™ putting surface is a proprietary, high density, non-directional putting surface that yields tournament speeds called The DreamGreen. It is not an astroturf type surface. The DreamGreen™ putting surface will putt true and enable you to refine your aiming skills as well as develop your speed skills. Most professionals, instructors and the vast majority of skilled golfers prefer a tournament speed surface as the best way to hone their putting game. Our standard surface rolls 12.5 on the stimp meter. If you would prefer a moderate or slower speed surface, contact us.

Can the putting surface be replaced?

In normal home use, the surface will last many years. If necessary, it can be replaced. It can also be removed from The ONLY Green and be professionally cleaned.

The wood on The ONLY Green™ looks beautiful in the photos, but is it veneer? Could it ever be refinished?

We do not use veneers. All visible exterior components of The ONLY Green™ are ¾ inch solid hardwoods. Standard models are solid natural ash. Our upgrades include solid cherry, walnut, Bubinga, and hickory. They are always solid, not veneered, so they can definitely be refinished should that ever become necessary. With reasonable care, The ONLY Green™ will last a lifetime.

What size of The ONLY Green™ is best?

The answer really comes down to space and money. Our most popular size is 4’ by 16’, The Tillinghast, second is 4’ by 20’, The MacKenzie, and third is 4 ’ by 12’, The MacDonald. We have smaller models available. Keep in mind that The ONLY Green™ will last you a very long time. I suggest that you lay out a piece of yarn or string in the area planned, in the size of the green you are considering. Leave some space around each side to allow room to make break adjustments. Try to have it in an area where it will be convenient to use.

What options do you recommend?

All of The ONLY Green™ models include a complimentary matching putter rack. Models 28 and 312 (The Ross and The Old Tom) include a PR4 that holds up to 4 putters, and Models 412, 416 and 420 (The Macdonald, The Tillinghast, and The McKenzie) include a PR7 that holds up to 7 putters. TOG models 28 and 312 include one side step - an additional step can be ordered. The ONLY Green™ models 412 (Tillinghast) and larger include side steps for both sides of the green. For those of you who collect putters, additional putter racks may be a consideration. (The ONLY Green™ putter rack also makes a nice gift!)

How is The Only Green™ shipped?

All models are packaged on a skid and shipped via common carrier and will be delivered to a business location, or inside the garage at your residence. Overseas shipments are via air.

How much does The Only Green™ weigh?

Different sized models have different overall weights, depending on their width and length. Most of the greens are made up of sections that are 4 feet in length - the weights of the sections are fairly constant by width: * One 2’ by 4’ section weighs approx. 50 lbs. * One 3’ by 4’ section weighs approx. 65 lbs. * One 4’ by 4’ section weighs approx. 80 lbs. Remember, the entire green does not need to be handled at once, except at unloading. When your green is delivered to a commercial location, delivery is to the dock. When delivered to a residential address, a lift gate truck is used, so the driver is able to remove the entire skid and place it in your accessible garage or in the driveway. Either way, you will be able to unpack and move your green by section to the desired location at your convenience.


Hank Haney

Hank Haney Golf Ranch

"Roll consistency, realistic breaks, genuine skill development and beautiful, the The ONLY Green has it all and stands far above the crowd!. In the end, if you can't putt well, you can't win. If you want a better game on the greens, put those lessons to work on your own The ONLY Green. You will love the results! I am pleased to use, recommend and represent the The ONLY Green.”

Andrew Solheim

Ping Putter Lab

"We are very excited about our The ONLY Green. It gives us consistent roll and speeds similar to those Tour players play on. The portability of our The ONLY Green has given the ability to set up a realistic putting surface almost anywhere and custom fit putters. The The ONLY Green will help us get the word out on how important being custom fit for a putter is. Thank your for such a great product."

Sean O’Hair

PGA Touring Professional & Won 2008 PODS Championship

"Dear Lisa and Rock, I just wanted to write you and tell you how pleased I am with my Model 420 The ONLY Green. Not only was it easy to put together, it looks great and most importantly, it rolls fantastic! I'm really impressed with the quality - this thing will last forever. What a great product! Thanks for everything."

The Only Green - The MacDonald (4'x12')

The Only Green - The Mackenzie (4'x20')

The Only Green - The Tillinghaste (4'x16')

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