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"The Speed Stik -- Included with The Speed Stik is an instructional DVD THE SPEED STIK is an amazing golf training aid that will empower you to hit the ball farther by increasing the speed of your swing. FASTER=FARTHER. The faster you swing the club, the farther you will hit the ball. Each and every aspect of THE SPEED STIK was carefully designed to contribute to it's primary goal, increased club head speed, which, in turn enables you to fulfill your ultimate goal - more distance. The successful results are a product of 7 years of extensive research conducted with golfers of all levels of ability on golf courses and driving ranges all across the country. Heard Enough?   With the purchase of The Speed Stik you are just 15 days away from swinging faster, hitting the ball farther, scoring better and and gaining more enjoyment from your golf game!   DISTANCE IS ALL ABOUT SWING SPEED:  The faster you swing the farther you will hit the ball. The chart below looks at different swing speeds and their relation to the how far the ball travels.   Clubhead Speed Approx yard. World Long Drive Champion 150 mph 375+ Men's PGA Tour 120 mph 300+ Ladies LPGA Tour 100mph 250+ Typical Male 90mph 225+ Typical Female 70mph 175+       In addition to increased swing speed, performing The Speed Stik drills correctly, will produce the follow residual benefits:  •  Improve the efficiency of your golf swing.  •  Strengthen all the golf specific muscles used in the swing.  •  Increase your overall flexibility.  •  Enhance and improve your sense of balance - an important requisite to swing speed.  •  Enhance and improve the dexterity and coordination between the upper and lower body.  •  Promote a feeling of explosive power and develop an aggressive and confident mindset.   The Speed Gauge Behavioral psychologists have determined that the learning process is greatly accelerated in an environment that provides Instant, Reliable, & Accurate Feedback The speed gauge, which is a critical and integral part of The Speed Stik , provides you with this vital information. The speed gauge is easy to decipher because it is calibrated in miles per hour (mph). To determine what your swing speed is, you merely swing The Speed Stik and ""read"" the top of the red indicator. To prepare for subsequent ""readings"", reset the speed gauge by lightly tapping the handle-end of The Speed Stik on the ground and you are set to go. The speed gauge allows you to track your progress on a daily basis. No guesswork involved! This positive feedback will serve to inspire, encourage, and motivate you to do the drills on a daily basis.    FAQs Q: How do I know which SPEED STIK is right for me - Red or Blue. A: If you weigh over 175 pounds choose Red. For under175 pounds choose Blue. If there is any question, choose Blue. You can create more speed with a lighter object,  Vijay begins his practice routine with the Red SS and ends by swinging the Blue SS (3 minutes than 2 minutes). Q: What is the difference between the Blue SPEED STIK® and the Red SPEED STIK®? A: Same length. Same outside diameter. Only difference is the weight. Red weighs 24 oz whereas the Blue weighs 19. Q: How do I reset THE SPEED GUAGE?   A: To reset the speed gauge, lightly tap the handle-end of THE SPEED STIK® on the ground  or the top of your foot. Q: What is the metal piece that slides up and down inside the speed gauge? A: That metal piece is a reset button. It is designed to freely slide up and down the inside of the speed gauge shaft. Its function is to reset the red foam indicator that measures your swing speed (many people assume the gauge is broken when they first receive their SPEED STIK because they hear the reset button sliding up and down inside the gauge). Q: What is a SPEED STIK? A:The SPEED STIK is a training device specifically designed to enable you to increase your club head speed. Increased club speed will result in more distance. Research indicates that a one mile per hour increase in swing speed creates two to three yards more distance.  An increase of 5 miles per hour, therefore, would equate to an additional 10-15 yards. SS training leads to an increase of swing speed (and more distance) with every club in your bag, not just the driver. Q: Why should I buy a SPEED STIK? A: Because distance matters and “Faster = Farther.” If you swing faster, you will hit the ball farther. If you hit the ball farther, you will score better. If you score better you will have more fun. Having fun is a good thing. THE SPEED STIK® will make all this possible. Q: Why does it work? A: Distance is directly related to swing speed. Tour professionals swing the golf club around 125 miles per hour and hit the ball 300+ yards. The typical male golfer swings the club around 90 miles per hour and hits the ball approximately 230 yards. The difference in the yards is in the speed. Swing speed is a function of five factors: Physical strength; flexibility; range of motion; balance and technique.  Irrespective of age, gender, and athletic ability, THE SPEED STIK® combined with the prescribed drills, will bring about improvement in each of the criteria that determines swing speed.   Q: How does it work? A: THE SPEED STIK® is longer than a golf club and heavier that a golf club. The outside diameter of THE SPEED STIK® is 1”. Swinging THE SPEED STIK® in a continual manner (drill number one) develops physical strength, improves flexibility, increases range of motion, enhances balance and improves swing technique. THE CONTINUAL SWING DRILL, IN TANDEDM WITH THE PRECISELY ENGINEERED SPEED STIK, BUILDS “SPEED ON SPEED” AS THE SPEED OF EACH SWING, GRADUALLY INCREASES, FINALLY CULMINATING IN MAXIMUM SPEED ON BALANCE. One of the drills that speed runners utilize to increase foot speed, is to run downhill. Running downhill forces them to run faster. Speed builds on speed. The continual swing drill functions on the same principal. Q: Why are there two SPEED STIKS? A: One size does not fit all. If you weigh less than 175 pounds you need Blue. If over 175 pounds you need a Red SPEED STIK. The Blue SS weighs 19 oz. and the Red SS weighs 24 oz. The serious golfer requires both SS because the Red (being slightly heavier) will produce maximum range of motion and golf specific muscle strength whereas the Blue SS (being slightly lighter) will create maximum speed in the swing. Q: Is heavier better than lighter? A: NO! The correct one for your weight is the one you want. THE SPEED STIK® is all about creating maximum speed in the golf swing on balance. You can swing a lighter object faster than a heavier object. Q: Is the SPEED STIK easy to use? A: YES!! Pull the SPEED STIK out of the box, take it out of the wrapper and start swinging it around your body in a continual fashion. Six to ten swings on the dominant side (for most this means right hand) then six to ten swings on the non-dominant side. Do two repetitions. Begin with soft swings and build to maximum speed on balance. That’s it! Workout over. 4-8 minutes, total time. The more you do this the faster you will increase your swing speed. Twice a day would be ideal. Q: Can I use my SPEED STIK indoors? A: YES! Since the basic drill requires the SPEED STIK to be swung more around the body (as in a baseball type movement) than up and down, high ceiling space is not required. Indoor winter workouts actually produce better results because concentration is more intense and focused as you are not anticipating getting to the first tee or going to the practice range to hit a bucket of balls. Q. Is it against the rules to take my SPEED STIK on the golf course? A: No. (USGA decision 2001-496 It is not considered to be a 15th club, therefore you can keep it in your golf bag during the round and even in a tournament. You cannot, however, take it out and swing it during the course of the round without incurring a penalty. Good news is that you do not have to go to your car trunk or locker to put your SS up after using it on the practice tee or just warming up with it.     Testimonials "I picked up 10 MPH Swing Speed since I started using THE SPEED STIK. You will too !!" -Vijay Singh "I have enjoyed THE SPEED STIK® so much that I now have my grandson, the reigning club champion at Bay Hill using it." - Arnold Palmer "I love the way it makes me feel coordinado (coordinated) and en balance (balanced)" - Miguel Angel Jimenez, 5 European Tour Victories 2004 "Who would have thought that a 74 year old guy could pick up ten miles an hour and hit it 30 yards further at my age. Well I did and it works!" - Dave 74, Madison Wisconsin Dear Mr. Elizondo, It has been not a month since I received my Speed Stik. I swing it 5 times a week for 5 to 10 minutes following your recommendations. Since, I have played 4 times with my usual partners. It is unbelievable.... I out drive them so drastically that they are all astonished. A thousands thanks. - Pascal Garneau 28 If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!!"
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The Speed Stick
By on 11/22/2008
This is a great training aid. I have consistently been hitting the ball farther and straighter since I began using the stick. I would advise anyone who wants to improve their game to buy one.
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Increase in Distance
By Fauzi Tjhe from Medan, Sumatera Utara ID on 03/11/2008
After using this product for a month consistently. I now hit the ball a lot longer and straighter. I love this product.
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