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"True Ympact Swing Trainer The True Ympact Golf Swing Trainer helps all golfers to maintain the consistent impact position for consistent ball striking. When we look across from a golfer, their arms and the golf shaft resemble the capital letter Y at address. But at impact, the lead arm functions as an extension of the golf club forming a lowercase y. With the True Ympact golf training aid, it is impossible to flip your wrists beyond the desired impact position. This consistent impact position makes you a consistent golfer.    The True Ympact Swing Trainer is Great for:   • Putting  • Chipping  • Bunkers  • Full Swing  • Pitching True Ympact Golf Training Aid Every year, amateur golfers spend millions on over-sized drivers, premium golf balls, expensive irons, putters and much more. But let's be realistic. You could give a Professional PGA Player a $100 set of starter clubs, and they'd still beat the vast majority of amateurs, even if the amateurs are playing with the most expensive gear on the market. Why? Simply put, 95% of your game has nothing to do with your gear. The PGA Pros know this. They've fine tuned the mechanics of their swing, ensuring that when their club strikes the golf ball, their arms, hands and club face are at the optimum position for impact -- every time. Here's how the True Ympact™ golf swing training aid will help your game: * TrueYmpact™ works with every club in your bag. * It's helpful to golfers at every skill level. (see review below) * You can improve your full swing, bunker shots, chipping, pitching... even putting with True Ympact™. * It will help you train your arms, hands & muscles to consistently find the perfect impact position for your golf swing. * The TrueYmpact™ golf swing training aid is guaranteed to improve at least one part of your golf game within 30 days or you'll receive a full refund. * This golf swing training aid was just reviewed by, where Gary Van Sickle wrote: " This is what I consider the ultimate compliment for a golf training aid -- it's as useful for good players as it is for beginners or high-handicappers. That is a rarity." Before you spend another dollar on golf gear, give the True Ympact golf swing training aid a shot.  How to wear the True Ympact golf training aid:   • Unfold the True Ympact training aid and loosen both arm straps as wide as possible. The straps will always be secure in the arm plate because of the convenient pull-tabs at the end of the straps. These tabs prevent the straps from leaving the cut out slots of the arm brace.  • Extend the graphite shaft to be pointing away from your body.  • Slide your leading arm into the straps keeping the top of the arm plate positioned directly on the top of your forearm.  • Bend your wrist back slightly to ensure the arm plate does not interfere with your wrist comfort, before securing the straps.  • Open your fingers and place the shaft in between your first and second finger to align the arm plate of the training aid on top of your forearm The round circle (that holds the chrome dual-hinge pivot) should now be sitting on the top of your wrist in the same area you would wear a wrist watch.  • Snug down the wrist strap first like you would a wrist watch. Make sure it is comfortable and not too tight to cut off blood circulation.  • Snug down the forearm strap and ensure that the top of the arm plate is sitting perfectly on top of your forearm. (Note that both straps insert in opposite directions to keep the arm plate alignment on top of the forearm's radial and ulna bones.)  • Adjust both straps again for both position and comfort. The straps must be snug enough so the top of the arm brace does not roll around to the sides of your forearm, yet comfortable enough without causing such a cumbersome feeling that would be cutting off blood circulation!!    Testimonials "No matter how we swing, the common denominator in all good golf shots is the position at impact. True Ympact(TM) is a remarkable training aid that helps all golfers to accomplish this position on all golf shots!" - JOHN BUCZEK PGA Head Professional, Winged Foot Golf Club, New York - Site of 5 U.S. Open Championships "True Ympact(TM) is one of the best training aids I have ever used. Why? Unlike most training aids which are smoke and mirrors, True Ympact(TM) features a training aid that performs EXACTLY the way it claims. It also provides the ABILITY TO ADJUST the device to fit the student or situation at hand." - DAVID ORR Director of Instruction, Carolinas PGA, Campbell University PGM "The versatility of the TrueYmpact(TM) is second to none. To be able to practice on all aspects of your game with one product is unique and helpful to golfers of all skill levels." - KEVIN WILLIAMS Head Golf Coach, East Carolina University "I recently used the True Ympact on the range and teaching area. I found it most beneficial when trying to get students to get a feel for a proper wrist position when making impact. It was also very helpful with persons hitting around the green both chipping and pitching." - GORDON FULP PGA Master Teaching Professional "Absolutely the Best training aid on the market today!" - JERRY MORRISON Head Professional Carolinas PGA "Tremendous value for the money!" - BRADY PINNER Head Professional Carolinas PGA "It appears to me that the one common denominator of all the great ball strikers is not the plane, the arc, or the path of the swing but a solid impact position. True Ympact is the only teaching aid I have come across that can actually train the essential impact alignments necessary for consistent ball striking, chipping, pitching and putting! " - KIM LEWELLEN University of Virginia Women’s Golf Coach, Tour Player, Teacher and Big Break Contestant  "
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True Ympact
By John Meyers from Cascade, CO US on 04/21/2009
I bought the True Ympact about a month ago. My wife and I are fairly new to golf and we are taking professional lessons with the slow motion video, swing simulators and other gadgets. My wife has the habit of flicking her wrists when trying to pitch or chip. This device will certainly stop that. It is fairly good at helping with the proper wrist position at the top of your full backswing and very good at proper hand and wrist position at impact. I found it helpful for getting proper hand, wrist position and keeping your swing as a pendulum for putting also. One problem for me is that it does interfere with your follow-through. I showed it to my instructor, he called it "blocking out." I think it costs about twice as much as it should, but I believe the same thing for everything I have bought for golf.
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