Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

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Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has been used by PGA Tour members, PGA teaching professionals, golf schools and individual golfers of all skill levels. This is because all of these people know what an amazing revolution this product is with regard to teaching, learning and practicing the art of putting. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine actually allows you to see and feel the perfect putting stroke, which builds true muscle memory. The machine is adaptable to teach both the SQUARE TO SQUARE and ARC putting techniques.

Square to Square (STS)
With the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine set up in the STS mode you will be learning the muscle memory of a SQUARE TO SQUARE putting stroke. In this stroke the putter travels straight back and straight through on the target line. The face of the putter is always pointed at the target during this stroke. This style of putting is used by golfers of all skill levels including PGA tour players, but may be especially helpful for beginners and for practicing short putts.

Inside-Square-Inside (ARC)
With the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine set up in the ARC mode you will be learning the muscle memory of an Inside-Square-Inside putting stroke. In other words, the putter travels INSIDE the target line on the backstroke, returns to SQUARE at impact, and travels back INSIDE the target line on the follow through. This stroke is thought by some instructors to be more natural and resembles a miniature golf swing. During this stroke the face of the putter opens relative to the target line, but remains square to the arc along which it is swinging. Most of the players on the PGA tour use some variety of this method.

Converting The Z Factor Between Modes
The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine has SIX different swing planes from which to choose. Changing the planes is simple and takes only seconds.

Putter Alignment
Each Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine accommodates an optional clip on, rear-mounted alignment laser that illuminates the target line. The line projected by the laser will teach your eyes to identify the target line and help you aim your putter properly at address.

Note: As with all lasers, the Z Factor alignment laser is primarily for indoor use. The laser may not be visible in bright conditions or outdoors.

Stance Alignment and Consistency
The Z Factor's parallel design aids in setting the feet and shoulders up square to the target line. A numbered stance indicator system allows the user to replicate their stance width and position on every stroke.
Ball Position
A ball position indicator allows the user to place the ball in the exact same location on each putt. Having consistent ball position is an important aspect of a repeating stroke.

Ease of Use
The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is very easy to use. Simply attach your putter to the magnetic carriage and the machine will guide you through the perfect stroke. For putters with synthetic faces, small steel plates are attached to the putter's heel and toe using foam tape. These adapters are then removed when the practice session is over.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine comes equipped with a ball feed ramp that conveniently delivers golf balls to the user during practice. An optional ball hopper tube can also feed golf balls to the user and disconnects to be used to pick up golf balls from the putting surface or while chipping.

These are just a couple of examples of the many features that have been engineered into the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine that make it easy and fun to use. 

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine takes about 5 minutes to set up initially. Once it is set up, it is ready to use at your convenience.


"When I tried the Z Factor I realized that what I felt I was doing in my stroke was not actually what was going on. I realized I had been taking the putter too far inside. I received immediate feedback that I totally trusted."
Chris DiMarco, PGA Tour

"Two weeks after using the Perfect Putting Machine for the first time I won at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Needless to say I now own and use a Z Factor on a regular basis."
Olin Browne, PGA Tour

"Through the first half of my 2005 season, I was struggling with my game; especially my putting. However, once I started working regularly with the Z Factor, I began to see almost immediate improvement in my putting, and consequently my results. In fact, I finished T-8th, T-3rd and T-3rd in my last three events of the year. Needless to say, I can't wait for the start of the 2006 season, but in the meantime, you can bet I'll continue working with my Z Factor in the off-season!"
Harrison Frazar, PGA Tour

"The Z Factor has been a big help in figuring out what putting style is right for me. It is easy to use, easy to set up and it does everything I want a putting trainer to do. My Z Factor allows me to practice perfectly."
Jerry Kelly, PGA Tour

"The Z Factor has totally changed my ideas about what happens in the putting stroke. I had total confidence in the changes I needed to make and the Z Factor allowed me to FEEL them and practice them correctly.
**Woody Austin is currently 30th on Tour in putts per round (7-10-06), which is the first time in his career he has been inside the top 50.
Woody Austin, PGA Tour

"The Z Factor is a putting trainer that gives me a great checkpoint to see if my putter is swinging on plane. It gives me immediate feedback if I make an incorrect stroke."
Jay Haas, PGA Tour

"The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine gives you great visual indicators for your stroke and set up. It also allows you to actually feel every aspect of the correct putting stroke."
Bob Tway, PGA Tour

"The Perfect Putting Machine is by far the best training device I have ever seen. From the first time you use it you'll have immediate improvements on your putting stroke because it makes you feel how your putter should move during the stroke to hit the ball properly. Not even the best putting coach in the world can make you feel the movement of the putter it in the way the Perfect Putting Machine does it. Plus when you use the Perfect Putting Machine to improve your putting stroke you are actually hitting the golf ball to the hole and you can't miss a putt, which is great for your confidence. And if you keep practicing with the Perfect Putting Machine you will become a more consistent and better putter, which means a better golf player!"
Edoardo Molinari, 2005 U.S. Amateur Champion - Turned professional 2006

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