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Whether you are a pro, top amateur or a weekend golfer, one way you can dramatically improve your short game is by focusing on your putting skills. Today many folks believe that the short game must be approached as a separate discipline when teaching or learning golf. Unlike the drive or the long fairway shot, the short game does not require a golfer to have strength or athleticism in order to excel. When you consider that putting accounts for 30 percent to 50 percent of a golfer's score, depending on his/her ability level, putting is an ideal area to focus on for improvement.

Golf Putting Training Aids Search
Your search for golf putting training aids brings you to, your online resource for golf clubs, golf practice equipment including golf putting training aids, golf carts, golf bags, golf accessories, golf apparel for men and women, junior golf equipment, and most products that are golf related. Our golf putting training aids department at IN THE HOLE! Golf offers an impressive selection of invaluable products that will help improve your performance, your shot-making ability, and ultimately, your score. We carry golf putting training aids from the simple to the complex. Our golf putting training aids department has a depth in selection and price that will satisfy the most discerning golfer. After you have looked at the vast selection of golf putting training aids from also consider some of our video or book golf training aids aimed specifically at the mental aspect of putting. Golfers of all skill levels who lack confidence or experience doubt, frustration, anxiety, and discouragement on the golf course will benefit from learning more about this important facet of the game.

Some folks believe that having your current putter modified, or your next putter fitted to your requirements shall help your putting. A good fitter will find the proper length, lie, loft, grip, and head style to match your physique, stance, stroke, and preference. Other folks feel, however, no matter how superb your putter, having putting success comes from solid fundamentals and lots of practice.

Golf Putting Training Aids and the Endless Details to Putting Well
Most golfers miss more putts than they think they should. It just seems there are endless details that must be considered while putting: addressing the ball properly, not standing too far from the ball, identifying the target line, having a simple yet efficient putting stoke, keeping the pressure in your hands soft and constant throughout the stroke, making sure the putter face is square to your putting line at impact, hitting the sweet spot on the ball, keeping your body movement minimal, accelerating the putter toward the hole, reading the greens and the distance to the hole, plus more. Whew! It seems a bit overwhelming. Yet the majority of great golfers all use the same putting fundamentals - some of these are physical and some mental. And then there is practice, practice, and more practice. We believe that the golf putting training aids you find on will assist in your quest to improve and will help in strengthening all your putting fundamentals.

Golf Putting Training Aids and Putting Fundamentals
To help golfers understand and eliminate the flaws in their putting fundamentals, manufacturers of training aids continue to develop a number of innovative golf putting training aids.

Your ball is on the green and before commencing with your putting stroke; you need to address the golf ball. Although there is a lot of leeway in establishing a putting setup, there are certain basic elements to consider. The grip and grip pressure on your putter are equally important. The hands should be close enough together to act as one unit. To develop a rhythmical, firm and consistent stroke the golfer must maintain a constant and proper angle between the forearm and the club shaft so that the face of the club is always square to the ball at impact. The Putting Connection is one of those golf putting training aids that defines and maintains the triangle between the shoulders, arms and putter grip, helps reduce tension and establishes the connection necessary for the player to learn a smooth consistent stroke. The Eyeline Golf Putting & Chipping Brace is another golf putting training aids product that keeps your forearms at a consistent distance from each other, producing "quiet" hands while putting.

Frequently golfers do not have their eye perfectly aligned above the ball. Many of the golf putting training aids at IN THE HOLE! Golf such as the EyeLine Golf Putting Plane Alignment System, the Targaline Putting System, or the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine address this problem. These golf putting training aids are easy to use, portable, convenient to set up, and will teach your eyes to identify the target line and help you aim your putter properly at address.

Golf Putting Training Aids Provide Valuable Feedback
Since most golfers are not going to have a professional instructor giving them feed back each time they practice, having golf putting training aids that provide visual feedback every time you practice is a great plus. Strokebuilder, suitable for conventional and pendulum style putters, provides instantaneous feedback. The manufacturer boosts that it is the most comprehensive putting trainer on the market and is currently used in golf schools across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Finding your putting touch is often an elusive proposition that can require years of practice and frustration. The right “touch” makes you far more likely to sink putts that would otherwise “rim out.” There are golf putting training aids that can analyze your stroke and give you valuable feedback. One such devise is the Greenberry by Daito­. Anywhere at anytime, indoor or outdoor, in your office or at your golf course this pocket size devise puts your stroke speed in sync with your putting speed instantly, so you can control the power behind your putts and master the green regardless of distance, turf or playing conditions.

Golf Putting Training Aids = Practice and More Practice
The convenience of most golf putting training aids is that you are able to practice just about anywhere with them; home, office, outside, or inside. Some golf putting training aids are small devises, compact and portable; others, like our larger Tour Links putting greens, require more space. What is important is that you practice your putting skills for feel and distance, as well as the routine, establishing muscle memory so when confronted with a critical 6-foot putt you will feel confident. The mental aspect of putting is often as important as mastering the physical fundamentals. Positive feelings and visualization are the keys to the mental component and IN THE HOLE! Golf carries golf putting training aids such as our videos and books that will help.

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