Golf Training Aids - Selecting The Appropriate Golf Training Aids

Although golf may look simple, it is a complicated game that requires both physical and mental skills. Learning the game of golf can be compared to learning any other sport. Although you may have the passion and the motivation, it is still a process of acquiring skills over a period of time. Our golf training aids department at offers a wide array of products that will help improve your performance, your shot making ability and thus your score.

Golf training aids aim to help you with the proper information, skills and reinforcement necessary to improve your game. The old adage that “practice makes perfect” is contingent upon reinforcing good habits or practices, not bad ones. IN THE HOLE! Golf not only has specific golf training aids for specific problems, but also CD’s, videos and books that explain key facets of the game. Players of all skill levels benefit from golf training aids. You need to find the ones that address your particular needs. has organized its golf training aids products into specific categories, Full Swing, Putting, Swing Plane, Tempo, Alignment, Balance, Fitness, Grip, Weight Transfer, Swing Analysis, Short Game, Impact Position, Release, Club Head Speed and Distances to make it easier for you to shop. Many of our golf training aids are suitable for both left and right-handed golfers. We also have golf training aids for junior golfers of all ages as well. If you need any help or suggestions finding the correct swing trainer for your specific swing flaw, please give us a call, Toll Free 1-888-733-8383. We will be more than happy to assist you with selecting the proper golf training aids for your golf swing needs.

Full Swing - Golf Training Aids

A full swing is a complex rotation of the body aimed at accelerating the club head to a great speed. Putts and short chips are ideally played without much movement of the body, but most other golf shots are played using variants of the full golf swing. Consisting of a backswing, a downswing in which the ball is hit, and a follow through, the full golf swing is used in tee and fairway shots. For simplicity the following instructions are for right-handed players. At address, a golfer stands with the left shoulder and hip pointing in the intended direction of ball flight, with the ball before the feet. The club is held with both hands, right below left for right-handed players, the club head resting on the ground behind the ball, hips and knees somewhat flexed, and the arms hanging from the shoulders. The backswing for a right handed player is a rotation to the right consisting of a shifting of the player's body weight to the right side, a turning of the pelvis and shoulders, a lifting of the arms and a flexing of the elbows and wrists. At the end of the backswing the hands are above the right shoulder, with the club pointing more or less in the intended direction of ball flight. The downswing is the culmination of the golf swing where you see the results of proper alignment, stance, grip and backswing. The downswing happens in less than a second and requires a fluid movement of your body in a powerful and unified sequence of events. After the ball is hit, the follow-through stage consists of a continued rotation to the left. At the end of the swing, the weight has shifted almost entirely to the left foot, the body is fully turned to the left and the hands are above the left shoulder with the club hanging down over the players' back. Our golf training aids goals are to help you to not only develop good habits, but also to help train your body for flexibility, balance capabilities, strength, endurance, and power to perform the mechanics of the swing. Consult your local PGA professional so they can help you identify specific areas for improvement and prescribe the practice techniques or golf training aids that are right for you. In addition, browse the large selection of golf training aids we offer at We’re confident you will find some golf training aids that are just what you need to improve your game.

Putting - Golf Training Aids

Putting requires touch and finesse. Your putting stance will normally be the narrowest for any shot you hit. Most good players address the ball so that their weight is balanced slightly toward the inside of their left heel. Generally you will play your ball somewhere between the center of your stance and the left instep. The putting grip is different than the grip used for full shots and since the putter is the shortest club in the bag, you will have to tilt more from the waist than on a normal shot. The object is to strike the ball with the club head so that it rolls surely and truly to the target. Judging correctly the effect variations in grass, terrain, and moisture will have on a putted ball is also an important facet of putting. Putting can win or lose the hole or game, so it is critical that you develop a strong short game. IN THE HOLE! Golf has golf training aids the will help you with ball position, setup, stroke path and alignment. These golf training aids will help build the skills and confidence in your ability to direct the golf ball exactly where you intend it to go. See additional golf training aids under our Short Game section.

Swing Plane - Golf Training Aids

The swing plane is defined as the path on which the golf club should travel during the golf swing. This path is an arch that is the result of the biomechanics of the golf swing sequencing properly. In order to affect a proper swing plane the golfer needs to develop the correct mechanics of the swing. Research has shown that 90% of all amateur golfers suffer from swing plane related-problems. IN THE HOLE! Golf has the golf training aids that will help correct swing plane problems so the golfer can see improvements in their ball striking consistency.

Tempo - Golf Training Aids

Successful golfers have the ability to swing every club at a consistent tempo and with great balance. Rhythm and balance are linked. Great rhythm allows you to properly sequence your body motion and arrive at impact in a position of leverage and power. The key to consistency is to maintain your balance and use a smooth rhythm. Swing tempo varies with each individual and ranges from fast to medium to slow to anything in between. Our golf training aids will assist you in finding your rhythm and balance.

Balance - Golf Training Aids

To create a golf swing that produces both consistency and power, you must maintain balance throughout the entire swing. Good balance is essential to consistent shots whether they are putts, chips, or full swings. The key to achieving balance is to set yourself up with your weight centered over the balls of your feet. Practice finding your balance just a couple of minutes a day with golf training aids from IN THE HOLE! Golf. has all of the latest golf swing training aids to improve your golf game. If you are looking for golf teaching aids, golf swing analysis software, golf swing training, golf training aids and equipment, golf steady head training aids, or golf glove training aids, we have it. Our putting mats, golf putting training aids, golf putting green, and virtual golf training aids are great indoors. Golf fitness is essential to better scores so check out our golf net, fitness golf stretch trainer, golf swing training aid, inside approach golf swing trainer, golf fitness stretch trainer, and golf training fitness machine. If you searched for golf practice, training aids golf tips, or aids golf training, you have come to the site that can supply all your golf training equipment. We here to assist you in selecting the appropriate golf training aids, and we know how difficult it can be selecting the best golf training aids for your game. So, give us a call if you have any questions about any golf training aids or golf teaching devices.

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