Inside Approach Golf Swing Trainer

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The Inside Approach Golf Swing Trainer

The Inside Approach was developed to give golfers a clear visual understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the most critical point of the swing... the impact zone. To hit solid, accurate shots, the clubface must be square or squaring at impact and the club must be approaching the ball from an "inside" path. The Inside Approach's unparalleled design gives golfers immediate feedback (both positive and negative) on whether they have accomplished this task.
 Inside Approach: How it works is why it's so effective! Inside Approach
Jack Nicklaus Inside Approach Golf Swing TrainerThe path in which the club is swung directly influences one's ability to square the clubface and thus be consistent. If the club is swung down too steep or from out-to-in, it makes it very difficult for your hands and arms to square the clubface - the result of which is usually an open clubface at impact causing the SLICE (85% of all golfers do this). If you happen to square the clubface when swinging from out-to-in, you may hit a "pull." (Often, you may find that you pull your short irons and slice you longer irons, and especially your driver). When the club is swung down on the correct path, it promotes the proper sequence of movements necessary for your arms and hands to naturally square the clubface. Some golfers have a tendency to hit pushes and hooks. These ball flights are also a result of poor path, however, the path now is being swung too far from the inside or underneath the correct swing plane.

The Inside Approach golf swing trainer is universally designed to correct both of these undesirable swing paths by giving you safe and instant feedback on whether you have swung the club on the correct path. If your swing path is correct you will miss the cushion; if it is incorrect your club may hit the cushion. The cushion, if hit, is designed to safely break away thus not hurting you or your club(s). This immediate feedback (positive and/or negative) is by far, the most effective method of training a new motor skill.
 Included with the Inside Approach
 • Inside Approach
 • Tote Bag
 • Inside Approach Instructional (DVD).
 • Instruction Manual - Click HERE to download PDF.

Q: Can the Inside Approach golf swing trainer be used for both left-handed and right-handed golfers?
A: Yes, it is specifically designed so that the cushion can be rotated to either the left or the right.

Q: Will it take long to see results?
A: No. If you follow the instructions in the manual, practice the suggested helpful tips and view the Video/DVD'(s) you will begin to see tremendous results within just a few swings. It really is that good.

Q: For whom or what type of golfers is the Inside Approach designed?
A: The Inside Approach helps golfers of all skill levels improve their swing, from Beginners to Tour Players. It is designed to improve swing paths that are over-the-top of the swing plane (Slices, Pulls and Pop-ups) and swing paths that are too far from the inside or underneath the plane (Pushes and Hooks).

Q: Can the Inside Approach be used indoors?
A: It can be used anywhere you can safely swing a golf club. (Don't forget to check out our hitting mat and short flight foam balls we offer on our accessories page. It's a great package for practicing indoors or around your home).

Q: Which golf clubs can I use with the Inside Approach?
A: You can use any club in your bag.

Q: Will the Inside Approach damage my clubs if I hit the cushion?
A: No, as long as you use the Inside Approach as it is intended to be used. The proprietary design allows the cushion to safely break away upon contact with the club, protecting both you and your clubs.

Q: Can I use the Inside Approach at the driving range on both grass and/or hitting mats?
A: Absolutely. The Inside Approach golf trainer is designed to be used on any surface.

THE SIX SWING CHALLENGE: The Inside Approach golf swing trainer is the first golf training aid that guarantees to cure your slice, increase your distance and lower your scores in just 6 swings or less.

GUARANTEE: The Inside Approach golf swing trainer comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not hitting the ball straighter and longer and with more confidence, simply return it for a complete refund of the purchase price.


"All the average golfer really has to do to hit the ball solid is to be able to swing underneath the cushion and hit the ball from the inside. The Inside Approach forces you to swing properly. If a beginning golfer could learn to swing without hitting the cushion, they would be miles ahead of the game. It's simple, it's easy to use, and it's going to help golfers of all levels."
Jack Nicklaus

"It's instant gratification and/or instant failure. You'll know if you've done it right and you'll know if you’ve done it wrong. You'll know immediately what a good shot feels like."
Mark Lye - 18 year PGA Tour veteran, TV Commentator

"I've been using the Inside Approach since Jim came up with his prototype 3 years ago. The results we see with students are phenomenal. I've seen it help the high handicapper as well as the tour players I work with, in just a few swings. This is a teaching aid that will be around for a long time, because it is one of the few that truly yields results."
Rick Smith - Founder of the Rick Smith Golf Academies: Treetops, Gaylor, MI and Tiburon, Naples, Florida; Golf Digest Top 5 Instructors; Golf Magazine Top 100; Notable Teacher of several PGA Tour Players

"The true test of a great teaching aid is whether it's simple to use, effective, accelerates the learning process and is practical for students to use on their own. The Inside Approach meets all of these criteria and much more."
Henry Young - 2-Time Michigan Teacher of the Year

"You can't learn without feedback. The Inside Approach gives you instant feedback in the most critical part of the golf swing" the impact zone. You'll know immediately whether you've done it correctly or incorrectly."
Martin Hall - Golf Digest Top 20 Teachers, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers; Dir. of Instruction, Ibis CC, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Immediate feedback of ball flight and path are the most important things for a golf swing. The Inside Approach will help you understand exactly what you are supposed to be doing with the club. Having that visual concept of where the club is supposed to go cures a lot of swing problems without you even thinking about your swing."
Mike Malaska - Golf Digest Top 50 Instructors; Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers; Director of Instruction at Superstition Mountain Golf Club, Phoenix, Arizona

"I use it with Tour Players I teach to a 75-year-old beginner, it works for them all."
Brett LeBrocque - Runner Up, Australian Teacher of the Year 'Brett LeBrocque Golf Academy’ ranked #1 Golf Academy in Australia

"Remember 'Practice Makes Perfect,' or should we say 'Practice Makes Permanent.' Practicing with the Inside Approach lets you practice the perfect swing while making permanent and long-lasting swing changes."
Kathy Hart Wood - Golf for Women's Top 50 Instructors; Former LPGA Tour Player

"Getting proper feedback is what practicing is all about. Don't fool yourself into thinking your swing problems have gone away. Practicing with the Inside Approach allows every golfer immediate feedback with every swing. Obtain the same impact conditions all the best players in the world have."
Mark Wood - Golf Digest Top 50 Teachers, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers; Mark Wood Golf Academy, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"It's portable, it is usable, simple, easy and it creates what we really want in our students and that is somebody that is out there playing the game instead of thinking the game."
Ed Ibarquen - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers

"Simple that is also effective, you can't beat that."
Charlie King - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers; Dir. of Instruction, PGA National Golf Club, Palm Beach Garden, Florida

"It's the best teaching aid for path I have ever seen."
Gary Nicklaus - PGA Tour Player

"The Inside Approach is by far the most effective and easiest device to help golfers produce the proper all-important swing path to the golf ball. I do not utilize many training aids in my teaching, however, the Inside Approach has become a staple of my teaching because of its effective ness and the near instant, positive results it produces. The Inside Approach is a tremendous aid in improving one's ball flight and increasing confidence."
Stephen "Slot" Slotterback - Director of Instruction, Kinlock Golf Club, Richmond, Virginia

"Finally, there's a product to cure the dreaded slice! The Inside Approach gold swing trainer will help any golfer get the ball started down the target line."
Dane Wiren - CEO, Golf Around the World

"In four months I've dropped my handicap from 24 to 13."
Jorge Guzman-Huesca - Lowered Handicap by 11 Strokes

"What it did for me was it forced me to take the club back in a much more smooth, slower fashion and to get through the ball with a more controlled swing. It was real simple for me, when I started doing that, the ball took off."
John Jay - Lowered handicap by 4 Strokes

"It's like a secret weapon. I don't want to tell everybody."
Mike Salter - Napels, Florida

"I have fought an over the top swing forever. Practicing with the Inside Approach gives me instant feedback of whether my swing path is on plane or still over the top. I feel this immediate feedback is invaluable for my practice sessions which are finally starting to pay off. I recently shot my career low round of 68! "
Scott Chalmers - Lowered handicap by 6 Strokes

"Using the Inside Approach finally helps me understand the correct swing plane. Golf, now, is a lot of fun."
Larry Meuers - Lowered handicap by 12 Strokes

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It Really Works!
By Brian from Cape Cod on 08/01/2015
Pros: It forces you to swing the club on an inside plane
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
I was swinging the club on an outside path without realizing it. The Inside Approach proved how much I was outside and also lifting the club at the beginning of the swing. I am now getting the club on an inside path, getting more distance and I am much more accurate.
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Was this helpful? +1
By Ron Ward from Brisbane Australia on 12/29/2012
Pros: Has got me back to striking the ball accurately
Recommended: Yes
Having played off 2 forty eight years ago, I am presently playing off 11and this would be higher if not for a sound short game. I have now used the Inside Approach on three practice sessions and immediately my hit became a strike and the ball with my irons flew high and straight. A shot that I had lost some years ago and had forgotten what it was like to experience.
Am I exited about this improvement in my game,you bet I am. No Pro golfer in my opinion can teach you what this training aid can do for the feel of attacking the ball from the inside resulting in the the experience and joy of that solid shot honing in on the pin.
If you have"t got one yet, then do yourself the biggest favor of your golfing career and treat yourself to the Inside Approach Golf Swing Trainer so that you to can experience that solid contact feel that all good golfers get.
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it works
By solid impact from concord ca. on 09/21/2012
Pros: live shots
Cons: must be propped on driving ranges with mats
Recommended: Yes
i liked the fact that you actually hit regular live shots not just a practice swing trainer it has has several uses check out the video it works
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Was this helpful? -1
Recommended: Yes
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Was this helpful?
Inside Approach
By Forgedirons from Pittsburgh, Pa on 02/14/2012
Pros: great shortcut to stop "coming over the ball"
Cons: When you swing badly, you must pick up the pieces.
Recommended: Yes
Wonderful way to quickly stop "over the top"!
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