Golf's MVP Red Heat

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Golf's MVP Red Heat

There's one part of the golf game that's practically impossible to teach: the feeling of the proper release. It simply is not an intuitive skill. And while it's possible to tell people how to do it, and even show them how to do it, many pros and instructors wish they could teach the way the perfect swing should feel. Now they can!

In the majority of good golf swings, the right elbow is tucked in close to the side of the body during the downswing, and stays there partially through impact. Also, the wrists stay hinged, which ties in the action of the right side with the hit. The combination of these two angles and the proper sequence of body motion give the player the best chance to produce lag in the downswing.

Click Here to view the complete Golf's MVP Instructional DVD.

Golf's MVP is the only training technology on the market that lets you know what this should FEEL like. When loaded at the top, the MVP gearbox locks the hands creating a passive right side that allows the above sequence to happen. This enables the golfer to return the club to its original plane and produce more lag and club speed, and ultimately more distance.

Learn to keep your hands passive with the L-Drill.
Strap on your MVP and get it in the proper position. Attach the feedback clip to the club. Then, as you take the club back and the MVP locks your wrists, be sure to form an "L" with the left arm. Once you have completed the backswing, swing down slowly and maintain the L created by your wrist and left arm. Practice this several times repeating these positions and you will soon be on your way to a better golf swing.

Golf's MVP Red Heat works for both Right Handed & Left Handed players.


Training DVD
The Golf's MVP Training Team gives you step-by-step instruction and drills to get the most out of your Golf's MVP Red Heat training experience. This new DVD comes FREE with purchase.

Quick Start Guide
Handy written and illustrated version of our step-by-step instruction to keep in your bag. The guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Golf's MVP Red Heat.

Training Clip Series
Red Heat comes with 3 feedback clips that allow you to customize the MVP for your swing and progressively challenge yourself to improve lag and power. FREE with purchase.

Proprietary Sleeve Technology NEW!
The new Red Heat Edition has a sporty new moisture-wicking sleeve. The natural moisture-transporting feature of the fabric helps maintain a dry surface next to the skin for added comfort. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.


 Why it works
  Golf's MVP reinforces a proper downswing sequence and use of the hands so you can quickly grasp proper techniques
 • You can apply those techniques to every facet of the game, from full swing to pitching, chipping and putting
 • With Golf's MVP on their arm, you feel their arm instead of their club. Once the MVP is removed, the weight is transferred to the club head.
 • By learning to hold yours hands in the correct position, you store power and create an angle of attack that produces positive results.
 • With the ability to feel the prefect swing, an understanding of what is required can be more quickly realized


 How it Works

Reinforces proper takeaway and position at the top
The unique strap above and below the elbow  restricts the amount of right arm bend on the backswing to the desired 90* angle. This create a wider swing arc and prevents left arm breakdown. A retracting mechanism shortens the steel cable on the backswing, setting a proper wrist hinge position at the top.

Guides correct downswing sequence
When loaded at the top, the machine locks the hands, making it physically impossible to start the swing using the hands or upper body without the clip coming off the club. By creating a passive right side and allowing the lower body to work properly, you quickly learn to start the downswing sequence from the ground up. This enables you to return the club to its plane at address and arrive at the ball with a straight left arm and proper angle of attack at impact.

Trains delayed release of the hands before impact
The locking mechanism of Golf's MVP teaches the timing of hand release. The point at which the cable releases the hands depends on the setting of the power gauge. As you learn to keep the clip in place, you also learn to store power until just prior to impact. Over time, the power setting can be gradually increased to train a progressively later release.


'I am asked to put my name on dozens of training devices and I rarely say YES. But the first time I hit balls with Golf's MVP Red Heat, I knew I needed to be involved with this one.'
~ Gary Koch
PGA Tour, Champions Tour, NBC Sports Analyst

'Golf's MVP is magical. You can't foot it and the feeling you get through the ball is incredible. I don't think there's ever been a golf training product like it.'
~ Art Sellinger
2-time National Long Drive Champion, CEO/Long Driver of America

“In just two months, by wearing Golf's MVP, it's helped my right arm on the backswing, keep the width in my right arm, and hold the angle. That's where I get my distance. As I go back out on the Tour this season, I'm definitely taking Golf's MVP with me.”
~ Gary Hallberg, 3-time PGA Tour Winner

'Golf's MVP is making my job a whole lot easier.'
~ John Elliott, Golf's Digest Top 30 Instructor

'Finally! A training aid that can help a player feel the ‘grey area' of the swing: the proper release. That's the most difficult part of the swing to feel, teach, and learn.'
~ Maria Palozola, Top LPGA Instructor

“This MVP really works. I've never seen a training aid that could fix so many problems so quickly.”
~ Gary Pinns, Golf Digest Top Teacher in the Midwest

“During my time working with David Leadbetter and Jim McLean, I had the opportunity to test out a lot of training aids. Golf's MVP is the best one I've seen. Nothing else provides immediate feedback while allowing amateurs and professionals to work on the most important position in the golf swing -- at impact.”
~ CJ Goecks, Golf Digest Top 20 Instructors in Texas

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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MVP Red Heat Release Trainner
By Troubled from Graham, Washington on 03/28/2017
Pros: Works as Described if used correctly
Cons: Lacking User information on one key point
Recommended: Yes
I had the same problem Charles Griffen in from Oceanside seemed to have until I analyzed the mechanics of this device and made an easy adjustment. Story: I received on of these recently and had a problem with the clip not releasing, or rarely releasing with a swing flaw no matter how the red tension/latch unit was adjusted. The cable with the clip should stay in a locked condition in the red lock box until the upper arm is extended enough to release the latch on on the cable holding the clip during a correct swing without significant release or path flaws. If the release cable with the clip doesn't remained locked in the red box, the clip seldom releases under any flaw conditions. If you analyze how this is supposed to work. You set the elbow angle combined with the wrist angle which determines the latch release chain length going to the red latch box which should not release the clip cable until the upper arm is straighten out enough in the downswing to pull the chain enough to release the latch when the wrist opens up in the proper area. The latch release at this point is ok and allows the cable with the clip to stay on the golf club shaft so you can finish a full swing with out it popping off. If the latch releases too early during a bad swing, the clip will stay on the shaft and no swing flaw will be realized.
Until I analyzed the mechanics of this device and made an easy adjustment this thing would not lock the clip cable to make the clip release when a swing flaw occurred. The sensitivity adjustment on the red box only seems to change the length of the latch release chain. On the one I received,I noticed the upper armband is detachable by a Velcro patch, and can be removed and be remounted upside down which will put the plastic anchor for the release chain a little lower on the bicep. The plastic chain anchor is not mounted in the center of the upper arm patch. It's riveted closer to one edge which was a clue to possible adjust-ability options along with it being removable with the Velcro patch. With the upper armband removed then remounted upside down on the sleeve tube, the chain is now lower on the bicep which means the upper arm has to open further before the clip latch cable will release You have to spin the plastic chain anchor riveted on the patch to which its attached 90degrees so the chain connection to this is facing down the arm. Now the release latch and unit is functioning as described. This will increase the latch release chain a bit. The unit sets up as described,and the red boxes latch stays latched like it's supposed to and the clip will release early on a swing flaw. I am guessing since the upper arm ban is detachable, it may have been meant to be adjustable for people with slightly longer upper arm lengths. If this is true they should have included this little bit of information If the chain, (not the clip cable), is too taught under normal set-up conditions, the release latch will never stay locked enough to make the clip release for swing flaws. If this is true they should have included this little bit of information in the instruction software otherwise this product will be unusable as advertised and it's just a piece of junk for taller people with longer upper arms. I'm 6"2" and this definitely made a difference for me. Other than that this is a terrific product once you have it set up properly. Great idea!!
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clip won't release
By Charles Griffin from Oceanside, CA US on 09/03/2008
I was able to get the clip to release the first few times I used MVP and was thrilled with the concept. After that, it would not come off regardless of what I did to my swing. I watched the video many times t be sure I was wearing it properly. Great idea but I sent it back for a full refund.
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Thank GOD for Golf's MVP!
By angus baker from carrollton, TX US on 07/22/2008
With a full time job and raising four children, I have NO TIME to get to the range and practice. But since I have been using the new Golf's MVP Red Heat for only a five minutes a day three times a week I go to the first tee in top form. The feeling Golf's MVP creates allows me to latch on the correct feeling instead of searching all day long. I really enjoy ever round even if there aren't many anymore.
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